Sunday, September 11, 2016

皈依 -启动 [佛缘]Refuge - Kick start [Buddha Affinity]


In the above session, GM Lu explained Buddha Affinity and Refuge!

The lyrics I wrote for the following song came to mind and I started to sing it repeatedly after the above session ended. :) :) :) 

I name this one GM's vow. 师尊的诺言

[ 皈依师佛既是续前缘,从此刻心起启转。
敬爱着您, 时时惦记着您,如今再度许下诺言。

[I name this one GM’s vow. 师尊的诺言

Taking refuge with Guru Buddha is continuing previous Affinity, 
From this instant, kick started my heart to Turn.

Respectful affection for You, Thinking of You all the time, 
Now make this Vow/pledge Once Again.

Keeping in steps with you through manyBodhi Paths of various lifetimes,

随着您 脱开生死打转。
Keeping in steps with you, breaking free from rotation of Life & Death.} Arrow 2

Always memorizing Buddha Dharma, Using it to Transform into Miracles,
方可实践 度众诺言。
Only then, can Realized Vows to Succor Sentient Beings.]} Arrow 1

Arrow 1 - Buddha Dharma; Use; Transform; Miracles; Realized; Succor Sentient Beings.

Arrow 2 - Keeping in steps with Root Guru; Bodhi Paths; Breaking Free; Suffering of Life & Death.

Guru said: Enlightened in Theory must still cultivate to realized your True Buddha Nature.
I am not going to explain further here as I have already done so in my chat with Guru.

Let Guru do the explanation when you have the affinity.
Did I hit Bulls-eyes for these arrows? Hehe!

Cheers all. Happy Cultivating!

The lyrics were written sometime well before 13 June 2010 when I sang it to GM Lu. 
Such a coincidence once again that the contents bear similarity to GM Lu's speech this morning, agree?

Coincidences, never seem to cease!!! :)

GM Lu said: Time will Tell! 
The Truth will be revealed with the Passing of Time! 
How very very True!

Do you still Think that I am sprouting nonsense now?
If so, you really need to learn and build foundation from Fundamentals properly and soundly! :)

Go listen to GM Lu's speech and learn from HIM! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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