Monday, September 26, 2016

卢师尊讲[邪灵]GM Lu on [Evil Spirits]


LL: Today's live cast sound is good :)
6:57 AM

LL: as per this morning sermon almost none of the VM cross level one bodhisattva
this level is heavenly eye opening n enlightened

AA: i read in the vajrayana literature that level one bodhisattva requires the accomplishment of first dhyana meditation
which is quite difficult to accomplish
some kind of bliss has to be experienced in level 1
so 10 grounds of bodhisattva hood are not a joke

LL: From core's published statements their body speech mind showed ignorance only
Ya lol

AA: yes, and i believe with the joy experienced during samadhi, people won't care so much about mundane affairs
let alone publishing "funny" statements

LL: N attacking others to protect their own well being
They are mostly greedy & ignorant
N GM said that kalachakra killed evil spirits n burnt them to char

AA:  :)

LL: N these spirits affect ppl by hindering cultivation
N I remember many that I helped by blocking evil spirits
Bb's was one recent one
the ones in YY's n her parents' are too fiercely stuck that I left them be
GM said when one wants to cultivate then all the more these evil spirits will attack bcos they don't want anyone to leave their control

AA: yes, makes sense hor

LL: They possessed most in core too!
Remember they even dumb enough to spread words to threaten me that black magic will be lethal to me, if I enter Seattle temple?
this morning gm said those evil spirits in Seattle temple jinmu gave orders to Maha Bala to round them up n beat them to submission then release them when they plead for mercy n won't cause further evils

AA: oh wow

LL: Then yoga with yidam in level one abhiseka -external affinity
Next internal affinity same as abhiseka for inner tantra of fire bindu drops wind
All need mastery of Qi mobilization into central channel n opening 5 main chakras
chasing abhiseka of many as preach by money hungry core is all wrong.
in Maha mudra level one focus on one is the key
Hahaha! so I didn't talked rubbish all these time
my dear, about printing the new tb sutra .......

AA: ok
i agree, to focus on one is more than enough
let me omit my stamp in the tb sutra, that was just for preview :)


AA: i'm still marinating the chicken
will cook soon too :)

LL: I made these early morning at about 4am. I didn't sleep till 8am. N woke up at about 10.30 am
so will try n catch a nap later :)
I soaked glutinous Rice red beans peanuts for 2 hours then marinate n cook. added dry shrimps n mushrooms
only Chinese sausages best fry crispy then good to eat :)
so add separately
There were many incidents of Evil Spirits Sightings that I shared in this blogspot and also helped those affected as best as I can.

Remember the one about a fellow student with at least 5 spirits in him?
I was a new student of GM Lu then. :)

The spirits inside YY's mom that challenged me to remove them?

The Hungry Ghosts inside another that drip "saliva" into a pot of soup and most that ate it got tummy aches.

The dark black green spirit inside a VM sitting on stage in Caotun temple?

Another with dark greenish wave moving up his face & I shouted "stop" to halt its progress?
The dark greenish thingy hovers on his face in other forms too!
I remember tapping him on his forehead to halt the evil spirit's progress!

Sometimes, I tap the affected on their shoulders. :)

MS sitting beside 2 ladies with evil spirits in them on board a flight to Jogjakarta & I handed him my sarira pendant and told him to close his eyes and chant Guru's mantra and stop chatting with the 2 ladies beside him.

2009 - When in training in Seattle, Lian Xing(awake) would called out in the early morning hours to me saying: Ah qu, kit kai la! (This in Cantonese) [阿厨,结界啦!] - meaning to arm the place we are sleeping in. 

Lian Xing is very sensitive to spiritual presence that disturb the "peace" of her immediate environment.

And somehow she felt that I am able to arm the premises effectively. :)

So, there are evil spirits way back then, at Seattle Temple's premises!

Listen carefully to what GM Lu shares and you won't need to be a victim of evil spirits anymore!

With Metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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