Tuesday, September 20, 2016

警告迹象 Warning Signs!

Terjemahan Indonesia: Tanda-tanda Peringatan!

Quoting from Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment [2]:

[--- People can tell all sorts of story to the susceptible, and not have to worry about their stories' credibility at all!
When RD shared her video and said I am very like her, I really got a shock! :)
How can She & I ever be alike?
She is not as crazy as me! :)

But her yarns are truly too crazy and without solid pillars and foundation of Buddha Dharma.
She churns yarns for Sentient Minds as she also has like Mindset!

She does Purification for >4 hours, ringing the bell and holding the dorje all the time!
I do it within One minute! At the same time covering the whole of mother earth!

Mahamudra concepts? - seems she don't know any! ---]


Quoting from Lotuschef in Chat – Learning Discernment:

[--- LC: most of the old articles can bring out again and explain clearer now that SZ talks about maha perfection liao
interesting right, from a more definitive point now
else you tell ppl, that this the limitation of heavenly eye, only Dharma eye or wisdom eye then can see.....

You will be hit at and label a great lunatic!
Things I shared before, seems to be more reasonable n meaningful now?

OS: yes, thoughtful writing. but let them digest it according to their knowledge,
whether they "want" to understand or not is totally their choice.

LC: Everything has to see timing and this is also part of Affinity that Buddha talks about! ---]


The above are photos of Marici Boddhisattva's Homa Event on 1 November 2014 in Hong Kong.

I tried to explain to a fellow student not to be too fixated on VM's abilities!
GM Lu wanted this student to wake up and not gather a group to blindly worship VMs!
And SM is one of them.
Student RD also spent lots of time scouring "News" from Facebook and he shared SM's videos & etc. with me!
But, I explained to him that SM is not practicing Tantrayana.

GM Lu made things very clear in his latest sermon about the Reality of the Being you chose as Yidam!
Divinity or Ghost!

Can See?
I remember telling another student, SN, that "can see" is not that great an ability lol! :)

Remember I wrote about a Dharma Lecturer, Jiao-shou-shi, who pulls her ears to get "Info" during Wenshi session?
And I wanted to lock out her "Informants" so that she can't continue to influence sentient beings unwholesomely!

BUT, GM Lu shook his head and I stayed my mischievousness! :)

Those that consulted me or came wenshi with me, did you ever see me pulling my ears?

Whats my Trick?
I shared this in this blog many times!

GM Lu's Rainbow Body Attainment 虹光大成就 Book 3 - 
Appearance of Pure Light 净光出现

So, Meditation is the only way to achieve [Appearance of Pure Light] and Projection of Pure Light!

Its much much more beneficial to Listen to GM Lu, concur?

Am I talking Bad about others, 
Or just Pointing Out to save others?

GM Lu really care for all beings and give warning signals to succour all!
Don't ever let go of HIS hands! 

With Metta.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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