Saturday, September 3, 2016

[用] 佛法 -自助 [Use] Buddha Dharma - Help Self

Above: Strips printed on both sides with sutras. One side has True Buddha Sutra and the other has High King Avalokitesvara Sutra.

  Above: Shirts folded with incense paper printed with Usnisa Vijaya Dharani

Above: Maha Mayura Mandala printed on 5 colored papers.

AA: Wow.....7 a day

Lama: Yes. actually each pair takes less than 15 minutes lol.
AA: Chant 7 times of gaowang n 7 times of 真佛经 in one go n then burn?
Lama: One each then burn one strip
AA: Ok. N dedicate to all sentient beings?
Lama: so u chant 7 pairs then burn 7 strips
Lama: Yup.
AA: Ok

Lama: I will give u 108 pcs of the printed sutras strips, 108 pcs of shirt with 尊胜佛母咒 n 108 pcs special mayura 孔雀明王 incense paper (This is one of Pure karma's new design of incense paper - in process of printing).

: so 3 items u burn with lotuses n other incense paper if u Hv
: mayura 孔雀明王 eats up n neutralize all poisons or evils.

AA: Burn with 7 lotus?
Lama: 尊胜佛母消业障
: Yup. at least 7 pcs. more if u can afford lol. 21 or 49 also can :)
: so u be good n cultivate hor! I only can teach u to save yourself

AA: Ok lol
Lama: Hehe. 加油! you can do it !!!
Also Refer to: English version - True Buddha Sutra

`One may have deceased ancestors, enemies, close ones or creditors who are unable to obtain liberation and remain lost in the nether world. However, by upholding, reciting, printing and propagating this sutra, the deceased will ascend to heaven, enemies will be turned away, and those living will be blessed. If there be man or woman seized by negative forces or afflicted by spirits, or confused and haunted by nightmares, then, by upholding, printing and propagating this sutra, all negative influences shall be banished, thereby restoring peace and ease.
`If one suffers the physical retribution of illness and calamity, whether due to non-virtuous body karma from previous lives or to the afflictions of spirits, then, by holding, reciting, printing and propagating this sutra, ill omens will immediately disappear and the cause of illness will quickly be removed. If one suffers from misfortune, legal entanglement or imprisonment, then, upon holding, reciting, printing and propagating this sutra, all such obstacles will dissolve immediately, and calamity will be vanquished and turned into auspiciousness.





Realised why I offered help to the fellow student with the above method of chanting True Buddha Sutra & High King Avalokitesvara Sutra & burning incense offering with these sutras printed, adding other offering as well, will probably help this student?
Yes! Chanting, printing and sharing the True Buddha Sutra has great benefits to the individual!

But remember the Key is complete trust & absolute faith in GM Lu, The Living Buddha Lian Sheng! :)

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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