Wednesday, September 28, 2016

回遮 Return & Shield

持咒也提到,獅面空行母 Simhavaktra Dakini有「回遮咒」,「回遮咒」是秘密的。 
「回」就是回來,- Return or come back
「遮」是遮住。- shield or block
「回」就是反 - means opposite,
  When  Opponents mantra come over, you use [Return], to send back, and also shield or block, its this kind of mantra.

大白傘蓋佛母 Sitatapatra 回遮咒,是遮止障礙最有威力的一個咒。


中文名: 六字大明咒, 
英文名: The six syllable Mantra ..... 
If chant 6 Syllable mantra, can return & shield, at the same time destroy all harm from evil demons in the world.

The [Om] syllable can return and shield, at the same time destroy all harm from evil demons.

能关闭转生六趣之门,- can shut door to transmigration in 6 realms.


[回遮 ] kept popping into my mind for more than a week.
I really not clear why.

But just now, the sequel came! :)

杀人者死!Murderer Dies!
自吃其果!Eat own fruit!
Beware! Look properly! You are chopping off your own arms and legs!


So [回遮 ] warns of consequences to those that perpetuated Evil!

The recent widespread "Murder" of Buddha's disciples?

Its too "bloody" an act for any Genuine or Authentic Buddha's disciple, agree?

What did I see?

The one with the chopping knives somehow chopped off their own limbs!
Most of them have only one arm left, the other arm and both legs chopped off and bloody!

AND, these group holding the Choppers were the only ones in the "battle-fields"!

【TBSN 宗委會特快訊】宗委會通告--師尊手諭: 請紫蓮堂、真佛宗等各單位,雙方各平息自己的意見。勿互攻訐。 各修各的,自由平等。
Translated: [TBSN School Committee special fast notice]
School Committee announcement -- GM's decree or décrétale :
Can Purple Lotus Chapter, True Buddha School's & etc. individual units, please mutually settle individual's opinion.
Refrain from attacking & accusing each other.
Each cultivate their own, Free & Equal.

Remember these people published the above statements telling all Each cultivate their own, Free & Equal.

They are the only ones left in the Battle-fields of their own creations!

In order not to be inside this Battle-fields, your Mindset need to tune to [Out of this world] Dharma!

Words abound that there are more to be "murdered" or "executed"! 


Now, why did you take refuge with GM Lu, the Living Buddha Lian Sheng?
To cultivate and free self from continuous transmigration, correct?

Hang on to the Precepts and Disciplines and do not join anyone in any offensive!

Aggression is anathema to Buddha's teachings!

You will also land yourself a rocket-speed vehicle to Vajra Hell! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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