Sunday, June 5, 2016

释莲厨法师? Reverend Lotuschef? [C]



《【宗委會訊】由於蓮廚大德 Lotuschef bhadanta 的網站部份文章段落,已經造成眾生對真佛宗的誤解,產生對真佛宗的負面觀感,為此,
蓮廚大德 Lotuschef bhadanta - this is a title or name.
已經造成 /會造成  - already caused or will cause ...
負面觀感 - negative view
專人予以規勸 - special personnel to give advice on rules
寫出多篇具有負面性質的文章 - wrote more articles that have negative nature
核心小組 - small core group
決議通過  - pass through a decision
取消蓮廚大德的法師資格 - cancel Lotuschef bhadanta's reverend's eligibility 
真佛宗法師 - True Buddha School's reverend
一切言行,概與真佛宗無關 - all speech & behaviour have nothing to do with True Buddha School
In May 2013, VM Lian Ning rushingly approached me, yelling loudly & repeatedly : Are you reverend lotuschef? 

He went away and then came again, but left unhappily giving the warning: beware of disciplines!

GM Lu always reminded me to leave these people alone with this words: 静观其变 -- that is to observe in silent the changes or transformations taking place! :)

Today's from GM Lu - quote from Laozi - 
Path that can be spoken of or explained, is not a constant or permanent path;
Name that can be named, is not a constant or permanent name.

AND, From Karmapa - 如何分辨[真假上师]! - how to differentiate the true or fake master!

Dear all, in this same speech, GM Lu shared the importance of Boddhicitta and non attachment to sentient materials!

Does having a Title or Reverend truly make a difference to a Cultivator or yogi?
Coming to conclusion and meting out penalties? - not that of one with true depth in cultivation or an enlightened one too!

Assumption is One huge scary habit for an ignorant mortal, too egoistically immersed & "marinating"  in the Sentient Kimchi Urn! 


Everything that One do, is One's karmic responsibility!

But having all your "body speech mind" publicised that reveal very clearly that You are not a true master & also not truly enlightened!

Does having an announcement change your status of an ignorant mortal to that of an enlightened one?
Hahaha! No way!

Now, scroll back to the start of this blogspot, you have ignored my sharing on Boddhicitta & Mindset of an aspiring yogi, amongst the fundamentals or basics of Buddha Dharma!

If you truly read, reason or analyse and comprehend, then you won't be continuously making futile & frivolous attempts and wasting time on "getting the upper hand" to feed your cravings for pride, ego, fame, wealth, control, power,....

Do you still think you need to bother about the status of lotuschef as a reverend or not?

A true master as per GM Lu, is the topmost master, and practice or behave accordingly!

Can you name other personnel or fellow student that has taken refuge with GM Lu and propagate dharma at own expense?

Who is truly as GM Lu said, After taking over others' money?

O! GM Lu also said a few times that those VMs sitting beside me, many has yet to Yoga with me!

Guru Yoga, Yidam yoga!

The practice today of round/circle light of Sitatapatra - White Parasol, requires the successful invocation of Sitatapatra's presence, making the practice Effective!


Dear all, how many times have I cautioned about Effectiveness claims or promises from VMs and etc.?

AND, today, GM Lu once again made it very clear that you be wary of the Fake VMs!
A title and the dress-up don't make a True VM!

With metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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