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障碍自己!Hinder Self!

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However, at the age of seventy despite so many years of faithful practice, Dharmapala was yet to experience any signs of spiritual attainment.

He also had to contend with all his old diseases which plagued his body and his mind.
He was saddened and frightened by the constant harm caused by Yakshas and evil-spirits.
To add to his general state of discouragement and frustration, he had been having the most frightful nightmares.
In one of these dreams he saw huge a fire burning at the lower end of a vallery and a flood rising from the upper end.
He saw hail-storms, glaciers, icicles and icebergs failing from the sky.
He saw his Guru, Yidam and spiritual friends hanging upside down, or with their faces torn apart, noses cut-off, eyes gouged out and dripping with blood.

Not surprisingly, Dharmapala interpreted these dreams as bad omens.
He concluded that he must lack the karmic connection to attain realization through the path of Vajrayana in that lifetime.
He decided to give up his Vajrayana practices completely.

Dear all,
Go through the photos shared above slowly and try to read what they are telling you. :)

Virupa's guru passed away and didn't give him the necessary Pith Instructions.
So like most mortals, the Demon took over!

AH! Now I am telling you the Key to distance yourself from the Demon's control! :)

Look at photos of GM Lu and "FEEL"!
Yes! Read with your Heart!

GM Lu exudes joy, warmth, security, .... a welcoming haven!
If you cultivate to have the same kind of "shine" from you, then what is there to be fearful of?

A live-size example for you to learn & read from!

Now, let me re-share my experiences.
1. Hours after I took refuge (3 August 2008) at a local chapter, GM Lu appeared smiling and giving me encouragement when I was surrounded by a crowd demanding the Longevity Elixir from me.

2. Three weeks after refuge (24 August 2008), while chanting High King Sutra, I saw a milky white lighted lotus bloom in my heart chakra. 
Every time I chant this sutra, the light or energy gushes into me like a battery getting charge.
Every night when I close my eyes to sleep, fireworks appear.

3. Four weeks after refuge, a midnight-blue lighted lotus appeared in my vision while chanting 100 syllables mantra. ( I later found out that GM Lu gave Hevajra Abhiseka for the first time that day, 31 August 2008. Hevajra's is represented by dark blue or black lighted lotus.)

When I shared my experiences with fellow students, they told me to be careful and not let the Demon enter me!

The reverends?
One of them told me not to chant too much of High King Sutra before sleep then I won't have the Fireworks that kept me awake!
One told me he don't know why I have these sightings!

THINK: for a new student, listening to the seniors or reverends should be the way to go, thats the Mortals' consensus?

However, I am fortunate that GM Lu's guidances came virtually so that I won't be led astray by the Mortals' consensus!

I was also fortunate that I can access GM Lu's teachings online and through printed books and the weekly newspaper!

So instead of listening to the seniors or reverends, I started to Focus & Listen only to GM Lu!

If you have followed my blogspot from the beginning, that is October 2010, you will have realised that I stressed topics of Boddhicitta, Mindset, & Listen only to Root Guru, GM Lu!
Because to most mortals, I am too "junior" to be believed! :)
Most mortals chose not to believe my dharma sharings!

AND, those that think that they are in Authority, didn't like me advising others to "Listen Only to Root Guru!"

Therefore, sometime in 2013, when TBS's core came with great aggressive and suppressive force at me, they weren't able to affect me a wee bit! :)

Their actions only became yet some "demon-tests" that helped me "grow strong & steadfast" in my Faith in GM Lu and Buddha!

I would like to thank all those "aggressors" & "ignorants" that did their hindering!

Dear all, count yourself fortunate that you have a Living Buddha as a Root Guru.
One that can reach out to you when in need, no matter the place and the time!

Focus and stay steadfast in your Faith with your Root Guru and sieve out those that are ignorant and aggressively try to control you or mould you to fit their whims and fancies!

Cut-loose and Break-free NOW!

With Mettta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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