Thursday, June 9, 2016

盜法罪 Crime of Stealing Dharma

Selective Translation to English by Lotuschef.
【TBSN最新】2016年6月5日 蓮生活佛 盧勝彥法王主持「財寶天王護摩法會」暨講授「道果」── 修法最重要的是毅力,有恆久的心就是最重要的心要口訣


Learning Dharma cannot not do so by stealing, didn't take refuge, but following Sadhana's picture, hand mudra, mantra and cultivate, in Tantrayana this is called [Crime of Stealing Dharma].

Some Gurus are more strict, any hand mudra, mantra, visualisation also need separate or individual abhiseka.

In TBS, each Abhiseka includes Hand mudra, Mantra & Visualisation Cutlivation.

[Crime of stealing dharma] as per ruling must first [Return to Purity], and after refuge abhiseka then abhiseka for cultivation.


Dear all,
It is not up to anyone to penalise you for this [Crime of stealing dharma]!

Like Precepts & Disciplines in Buddhism, they are to help Each Individual "Firstly, get on to the Boddhi Path", then "Stay on the Boddhi Path" !

So, do not go out and start to pick on anyone and accuse them of [Stealing Dharma]!

Rest assured that - The one that stole dharma, will not be able to attain or advance anywhere!

Really, no need for anyone to be bothered or act supreme and bully those that they deemed "guilty" of stealing dharma! 


Don't act rashly, as you only create negatives that hinder yourself only!

In short, do not be a busy body or 鸡婆!
You harm yourself only!

For those that committed the [Crime of stealing dharma], they are not being forsaken too!
As long as they repent and initiate purification dharma, and take the relevant steps mentioned by GM Lu, that is to take refuge again and have the relevant abhiseka for cutlivation, then they will be alright again!

See? Buddhas, like GM Lu, always have "back-up" dharma or alternatives to succour anyone!

For those that had taken action to penalise others on their own interpretation of Buddha Dharma, Stop and Repent Now!

Remember GM Lu's statement about Not meting out judgement on others before you attain Buddhahood or Full Enlightenment?


Because you really don't know with what Mindset the individual went ahead with cultivation without the relevant refuge & abhiseka!

What if, the individual received Refuge & Abhiseka through Astral or Transcendental channels?

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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