Sunday, June 26, 2016

终生憾事 Life-long Regret?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Penyesalan Seumur Hidup?

Just watch this morning's live-cast from Seattle Temple.
Something struck my memory! :)

Please listen closely to the chanting of 'Amituofo' at the end of the session.

While in Reverend training at Seattle Temple, one of the student always out of key and also didn't get the relevant part of chanting correct.
His excuse?
He didn't practice because he was too busy chatting with friends and one green lotus!
He said he don't even have enough time to sleep too.
Thus he hid under table or stairs or in storage area to catch up on "lost sleep"!

One of the course's training master has to leave for home due to personal reason and gave this sleepy reverend a passing grade and seek help from me and another reverend to help our sleepy one, to teach him chanting so his lackings won't show up!

During the training, I have attempted many times to help our sleepy one but his reply was: I have it all in hand, I guiyi 19 years already! You are so new, you should go read up on Shizun's books!

AND, before the exams?
He kept pestering me to listen to his chanting and teach him the correct ones!

I just ignored him.

He made it through the exams, of course, the fact that he is a bhikkhu played a major part too!

AND, another bhikkhu told him that he himself failed all the modules of the training course but he is still a fashi.
So pass or fail don't matter!
Hahaha! This great bhikkhu that failed all modules even get to be an abbot or kenpo of a TBS' chapter in USA.
Which bring to mind yet another reverend that was appointed Kenpo and claimed she is very accurate in fortune telling!
One that GM Lu instructed me to teach her the 4 preliminaries practice!
And also, one that came and asked me for the Key to 9-cycle breathing techniques!

O! Our sleepy one bought meals and gifts for the superintendent XR too!
So his tardiness was overlook or cover-up!

Before I left Seattle, I talked to him to take care of himself and not just blindly follow anyone other than Shizun.
XR overheard part of this conversation and went round spreading that a bhikkhuni committed the crime of lecturing a bhikkhu!

XR also warned me to watch my words before my maiden dharma speech!
I told a group of fellow students of what XR threatening me several times!

Remember the One with Horns and warned me to beware what he will do to my detriment?
Yes! This one!
He threatened on my first day of training: Shizun said that I have horns, see what I will do to you!

GM Lu said: Mixed in a Kimchi Urn!

If you are the one that aided and abetted this sleepy one, think carefully, have you created for yourself a "Life-long regret"?

The Chinese saying: Paper can't wrap up fire tightly! 纸是包不住火!

The TRUTH will eventually be revealed!
Hahaha! The sleepy one exposed his lackings by himself!

O! Today, GM Lu talked about beings of 6 realms that Avalokitesvara Boddhisattva can reach out to!

Grab his compassionate hands & save yourself!

GM Lu said that cultivation is solely dependent on self diligent efforts and its a life-long undertaking!

With Metta.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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