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23-6-2016 问事 Wenshi

Terjemahan Indonesia: Wenshi / 23 Juni 2016

Case 1:

A lady with dark aura told me that her son don't come home and goes everyday to Batam after work.
He has a Malay woman there and also a child.
I asked her whats wrong with that.
She said she don't like the son to marry anyone other than of ethnic Chinese!
She said she ask "Tian-gong" - Heavenly lord, to break them up ......
A friend of hers butted in and said that the Malay woman might cast "gong-tow" - black magic on the son and conned him that the child is his, despite the woman sleeping with many men.

The friend that brought her to consult me, also added her say!


I told the principle who consulted me that her aura is dark and she should not ask anyone to break up the relationship just because she don't like it!
As long as the son is happy and loves the woman in question, he will also gladly accept her child be it his or not!
I recommend that she do karmic offering for herself as well as her son.

It seems her son is so scared of her and what she might do that he only return home for his personal stuff and won't eat or drink anything there.

I explained that if the woman is a Karmic creditor than doing Karmic offering will help to reduce and eventually eliminate the Karmic debts.

Also, recommended that she chant High King sutra and she said she only knows Amituofo, so I told her to chant while looking at a picture of Amitabha Buddha.
In this way, she can stay focus and calm down.

Then she mentioned her husband's matters!

Case 2:

A young lady looking for a job.
I told her that she is not confident and must change her mindset.
She can do offering to Jin-mu, Golden Mother of Yao Pond, and make her request clear, pertaining to Job's specification.

Then her mother butted in with - " I don't like her working as air-stewardess".
Seems her brother died in a plane crash.


Dear all,
Pure karma offers "Wenshi" services at SGD 3000/block of 20minutes, and Only can ask One Question!
Also, we do not accept commission to perform any rituals detrimental to anyone!

If you ask more than One Question during the allotted time, you are wasting your time only.
Will not cater to your whim of asking everything that comes to your mind. :)

So, do consider well before you ask your one question!

If you bring friends along to the session, their input will be ignored!

Pure Karma do not encourage wenshi at whim, so please refrain from doing so.

Both cases above was brought forth by a veteran student that forced me to cater to her friends in the guise of Luncheon meeting!

I have had many such experiences and learned not to answer questions but only recommend that they do chanting in dedication or offering in dedication!

Thanks to several experiences, I do not accept anymore meeting up for meals too!

Cultivation is your only solution!
Stop seeking for solution externally!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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