Wednesday, June 29, 2016

你,有成长了没?Have You Grown or not?

[Thank you so very much! My Dharma name is Katsugen Kensho, of the Sotoshu tradition of the Sojiji lineage as taught by Rev. Dr. Soyu Matsuoka, Roshi. I have been looking for a prayer to Dou Mu Yuan Jun. This transliteration is a gift; it will help my practice bloom. May you and all beings be well, have peace, and a heart-mind of joy. All peace. Kensho on Marici Boddhisattva, Mother of Constellation - Dou Mu 斗姆
Amitofo Lotus Chef, As a disciple of Grand Master Living Buddha Lien Sheng and a regular at the Sunday fire homas,I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! To see the various disciples and monks rushing forward to grab the blessed offerings in such a fashion is shocking,disturbing and produces such a different vibration than the holy vibration we all had the wonderful chance to take part in thanks to Grand Master. The vibrations of greed are definitely present as with so many attached entities and karmic creditors that have not been released.As I work my way through this crowd to get my turn at the fire homa ,I must deeply chant the White Padmakumara long mantra to deal with this heavy oppresive energy.I have seen all the acts you mentioned and know they happen regularly after the ceremonies.But I know the law of karma and you cant escape,we all pay in the end. Thanks for mentioning this in your blog ,I hope disciples can reflect and take a look at themselves honestly and change their ways. on The Hungry Ghost Phenomenon 饿鬼的迹象 [1]
师佛那里有三宝 无根树 没有阴阳地 换不响的山谷 法师,这是否是不是宝。。。。。。 哈哈哈 on Lotuschef on [Show Hand] 水落石出

法师 师佛送给你一颗无根树 哈哈哈 on Lotuschef on [Show Hand] 水落石出]

BB: ???

AA: they were commenting on 4 articles
you can look from the Overview of the blog

BB: the last ones talking rubbish
the 1st one very fixated on form - affix properties to a sutra
2nd one - i read it already
This one verified what happened after homa at seattle temple all the time!
but he is also stuck on getting to the homa pit and do a cleansing like everyone else
I stop looking at comments and I remember that I switch it off

AA: Ok so i know that the setting was switched off

Dear all, if you are the writers of the comments above, or supporters of these writers, Please read them again & see where you are still in Nursery School or 菜鸟!

You need to grow and realise what is the problem with writers that wrote their comments, that means their Body Speech Mind as revealed in their words, an expression of their Minds!

Take care of yourself first, before you even take a step out of your freshly hatch shell!
Dangers abound! :)

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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