Friday, June 24, 2016

15-6-2016 Meeting Interesting People [1]

Above: High tea at Dnata lounge before my flight to Medan.

I was sitting outside the waiting lounge waiting for boarding.
Two ladies walked towards where I was sitting.
I noticed one of them is extremely breathless and greyish white in aura.

One of them sat one seat away from me to my left and the breathless one went to sit on another row of seats further to the left.

I was talking to GM Lu about how to approach and help the breathless one. :)

She got up and came to seat beside me but turned from me and kept talking to the lady she came with.
She handed her mobile phone over to her companion and turned and greet me: Shifu, ni hao.

I replied: Amituofo.

With this opening, I told her that she is breathing from her mouth and her blood circulation is poor, thus her face is pale and whitish.

Then I taught her to do simple massage of her 'Heart root' - 心根 - located under both clavicles.

With light pressure of index & middle fingers, trace the clavicle from sternum towards shoulder and repeat from sternum out.
Do not draw fingers backwards towards the sternum.
ONE direction only!

The next one is to hold out both arms, bend them at elbow and hold up to level with shoulders.
Keeping the body straight, start with using the right arm to draw the left arm over, loosening the right arm-shoulder joint.
Only swing in one direction!
Return arms to centre position and repeat for 5 to 10 times.
Then change to the left swing.

After these, still locking both arms by holding on to opposite elbows, bring arms upwards above head and backwards.
Rotate the arm-shoulder joints only, do not bend at waist.
Keep spine straight and just move the locked arms backwards and back to centre.

Then glide the locked arms to the right for 5 or 10 times and repeat with left side.

This will stretch and loosen muscles from the neck to the hips, and also the arm-shoulder joint.
This simple exercise will aid Qi energy and blood flow and in some cases help to move stagnant Qi.

The breathless lady took off a long sleeve sweater she was wearing before we proceeded to the arm swings.
Her face and lips became rosy and she started to 'shine' or glow!

The by-standers also came forward to learn these simple movements and the breathless lady was able to help some of them.

I asked this lady to go get me a cup of water in return for my help. :)

For those that accused me of being very greedy for money, you are wrong! :)

Another lady that learned this movements is actually working at a nearby food outlet and she made me a cup of coffee with milk, as thanks for my sharing.
She said her tired & aching muscles disappeared after the exercises.


I get assignments like this all the time!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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