Friday, June 24, 2016

15-6-2016 Meeting Interesting People [2]

When I see ghostly spirits, the color is close to Willow Green from the above chart and sometimes Greyish Olive.
These appeared as mist or smoke.
Ghostly spirits do not appear with scary faces or forms to me!

Now, after the group of ladies and exercises, a lady and her daughter sat on the seat that I vacated.

A look at the little girl, I sighted an old lady!
I asked the the lady how old is her daughter.
She told me 4.
Then she told her daughter to tell Shi-fu how old she is.
The little girl replied: Four.
I asked her to repeat in a louder voice for a few times, pretending I didn't hear her clearly.

Then I asked her name, and also made her repeat a few times.

I told the mother that her daughter has the aura of an old lady, and her health is not good.
The mother told me that her daughter has been sick since 2 years of age and they come into Singapore to consult a specialist every month since the onset of the sickness.

Like the group of ladies that I helped, they are residents of Medan.

I informed them of the coming Pure Karma Medan event and gave them contacts to register and attend the event.

The contents of the dialogue between the mother and me, is strictly confidential.

When I arrived that evening at my lodgings in Medan, I was informed that the mother has sent and pay for registration to attend our event on Saturday.
Wow! Real fast!

That night, my routine chat with GM Lu, before sleeping, I asked GM Lu how can I best help the little girl.
GM Lu told me that the old lady's spirit is from the paternal branch.
A failed pregnancy!
Thus a foetus spirit!

When I met the father of the little girl, I saw the resemblance in father's and daughter's features.

Wow! GM Lu is truly great!!!

While explaining on proposed resolution to the foetus spirit problem, I saw a grey-green smoke surfaced on the little girl's right face.
In less than a minute, the little girl touched her right face and cried "pain".
I stretched out my hand and touch the part I saw the grey-green smoke, and her pain subsided.

I recommended that we start with doing offering to the girl's karmic foes for this and all past lifetimes. 3 or 7 packs of dedication to the Karmic foes to soften them up and then negotiate.
And the parents observe her closely.
Sometimes when the karmic foes considering to leave or stay, the girl will suffer great discomfort from the karmic foes' struggles.

I explained that as I just met them, and each Karmic pack is SGD 88, I would recommend doing 3 first to gauge the respond.
I do not want anyone to accuse me of being a religious cheat and out for making money from unfortunate folks! :)

If the Karmic foes willing to let go and leave, then can proceed with Bardo Delivery that cost about SGD 3000.

During the offering of the 3 karmic packs:-

[Date: Mon, Jun 20, 2016 at 10:55 PMHi,
I did the packages at about 9:30pm - Medan Time.

I sighted these animals in the following order in the fire:-
Tiger, wolf, serpent, rodent & toad.
Please also keep a close watch on SY and keep me inform.
I propose to do the remaining 4 packs on Sunday.
Please advice.
Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef]

From the dad:
[Fashi, for the remaining karmic I wish to do it also.
please help process.
SY yesterday night sleep quite good. On 11pm wake up a while and sleep.

Fashi, it is the spirit reflect positive for wat we have done?

Above: 4 karmic packs for offering this Sunday, from the little girl.

Above: This one has 7 Karmic packs for a fellow student, also will be offered this Sunday.

These Karmic Packs are for those that need to soften their Karmic Foes up first, in order for them to "agree" to listen and negotiate with them.

I have done these [One-shot - 7 Karmic packs] for emergencies cases like those sudden illness attacks and hospitalised in Intensive Care Units.

BUT, remember that these are to "Say sorry" and when these people are better, they must not commit sins of the same or any sins, else they will be "attack" again.

To repent is to say sorry and that one knows that they have done wrong and Vow not to repeat again!

I do not accept registration of repeated dedication of offering to Karmic foes from the same individual for more than 3 times.

In my view, this individual is not sincere in apologising and turning over a new leaf!

I told one of this repeated "offender", I will not involve GM Lu in anymore Negotiation that made us liars!

Yes! No amount of money will make me repeat negotiation with GM Lu's help, on behalf of Repeated Offenders!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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