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陈那菩萨 Mahādinnāga

Introduction: Review of Hindu philosophy -- 
I. History of the development of Hindu logic --
II. The logic of Mahādinnāga
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陈那菩萨(梵名दिन्नाग,Dinnāga 或 Mahādinnāga,巴利文作Dinna,生卒年不详,约440年-520年),意译为域龙、大域龙,又译为童授。




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陈那菩萨 造 沙门法尊 译编


编辑说明      罗 炤
集量论略解序    杨化群
前言        法 尊
卷一 现量品
卷二 自义比量品
卷三 他义比量品
卷四 观喻似喻品
卷五 观遣他品
卷六 观反断品
集量论 to GM Lu - 思量轮 -GM Lu likened this to Quantum Physics! 

And he stressed the importance of "arming" oneself with knowledge from relevant books on Buddha's teachings as well.

And, Stressed Once again about the attributes of True or Fake Vajra-Masters!


Most of the time, what GM Lu quoted fell on deaf ears!
Because most don't even culture the habit of researches for self advancement and enhancement!

When he asked about Sukhasiddhi, making a reference to Sudhana Kumara's 53 meetings recorded in Gandavyuha Sutra, part of Flower adornment/Avatamsaka sutra; most looked blankly back at GM Lu! 

[Sudhanakumâra (simplified Chinese: 善财童子; traditional Chinese: 善財童子; pinyin: Shàncáitóngzǐ;Wade–Giles: Shan-ts'ai-t'ung-tzu), mainly known as Sudhana and Shancai or Shancai Tongzi in Chinese, and translated as Child of Wealth, is the protagonist in the next-to-last and longest chapter of the Avatamsaka Sutra.]

[Sukhasiddhi was an Indian teacher of Vajrayana Buddhism and master of meditation. She was born in west Kashmir to a large, poor family. She is mother of three sons and three daughters. Once she gave a beggar the only food in the house and was expelled from home.

She traveled to Oḍḍiyāna, thought to be the land of dakas and dakinis, and there she met Virupa, a mahasiddha who became her guru. 
Very quickly Sukhasiddhi became completely realized and together with Niguma, as well as Rāhula, Maitripada and Vajrasapana, was the root teacher of the Tibetan yogi Khyungpo Nenjor, who founded the Shangpa Kagyu school of Tibetan Buddhism.]

Dear all, 
Once again, do not waste time on frivolous pursuits that will most likely do more harm to you than good!

Try and read what GM Lu shared and do more indepth research into them!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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