Sunday, May 31, 2015

问事-认为 Wenshi - Take for Granted

Many seek out GM Lu to ask about Personal Matters.

Well, do you know what you are asking can sometimes be very ambiguous?


Sometimes, you forced the answers or replies & then Take For Granted that things will work out!

Now recall an article that I shared in this blog previously:

1. A group of students went to consult GM Lu with a map pin-pointing the location that they selected.
However, before this consultation, one of them met me and I advised him to show the map to GM Lu and let HIM pin-point the location ideal for a TBS chapter & not force their choice, Taking for Granted that GM Lu will bless and ensure that everything will work out!

Hehe! Thus armed with my advice and the map of their county, they went to see GM Lu.
Guess what?

Before they drew out the map, GM Lu said: Not Yet!

2. Another group also went to consult GM Lu with a map and pointed out the exact location that they want to buy and set up a new chapter!
This one also didn't work out as well! :)

3. This group bought and already started the motion rolling, showing GM Lu the blueprints and etc.
This is another one that Took for granted that GM Lu will surely bless their endeavour!
I had a vision of this chapter becoming an area of rubbles!

The above show little or no respect for GM Lu as a Buddha, agree?

The following are common questions put to GM Lu too!
1. Question: GM, when will I have husband/wife?
2. Question: GM, I want a husband/wife, please find me one!

Now, look at these objectively, please. :)

You should ask GM Lu whether you will have a good mate or not in this lifetime, and not take for granted that the mate you meet at the specified time or somehow found will be a good life-partner for you.

I have seen couples tying the knot from the group that were "Chasing Buddha" back in 2010 when GM Lu returns to Taiwan for long-stay.

Some already married but got divorced because they think they found their True Soul Mate from fellow students!

Back in Seattle Temple, these cases happened too!
Married women & men or Married persons & singles; hooked up when their eyes seem to "spark up with Fires of love"!

Dear all, for these cases of adulterous and promiscuous beings, they are no better than animals in their indiscriminate behaviour!

GM Lu said that Purity of Body Speech Mind is your Key to Yoga and attainment of Buddhahood!

Hahaha! What are you doing or what have you been doing all these whiles?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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