Monday, May 11, 2015

没头没脑 Headless & Brainless?

There are many that alleged that I am labelling them as Ignorant sentient beings. :)

Question is whether the Title of Ignorant FITS, agree?


Lets draw upon the teachings and sharings of GM Lu with regards to the basic requisites of becoming or cultivating to be a True Yogi.

TEN main characteristics were shared in His Holiness' Book entitled "Sword of the Yogi" or 瑜伽士的宝剑.

Actually the most important Key is knowing that you are "operating" as OMO - One Man operation!

Cultivation is truly dependent on One Self's diligence and if you just brainlessly follow anyone else without full comprehension, then you are walking the wrong path.

An important point in Tantrayana is that You Find a True or Authentic Guru to take refuge with and learn from.
With this Guru's guidances, you "Grow" gradually with your own diligence in acquiring "necessaries" like knowledge of Buddha Dharma and Usages.

Your Full Commitment is crucial to your own success in becoming a True Yogi.

Now, go refer to GM Lu's speech when he transmitted abhiseka of AdiBuddha Or Adharma-Buddha on 7 March 2015 in Taiwan.

The Ultimate is ONE & One only! 

Have you heed my advice to constantly find time to reflect and research and cultivate accordingly?

Remember you have to pay attention to your own Body Speech Mind as they are key factors revealing your progress along the True Yogic Path! :)

If you are one of them that agree with the Petition for GM Lu to retire, then you are one of the Headless & brainless! 

If you think to "sweep" your own Root Guru aside and "Take-over", you have a long long long way to become a True Yogi, a yogi that is truly qualified to "take-over" the reins when your Root Guru retires or "returns" to Pureland!

If you are one that preaches the necessity to have the "personal touch" from One's Root Guru in that you have to be in the physical presence of this Root Guru, in order to receive Blessing or Aid, then you are truly showing the world how far you are from being a True Yogi too!

If you admire or adulate those that give you orders for you to abide by without explanation or justification, you too are one of the Headless & Brainless! :)

There are many instances when Ignorants hit out Brainlessly and some examples can be found in this blog, like the articles from the "Dragon robe Sheng-ji practice"!

Also from those that manned the Dharmapala forum as well, which blacklist their perceived opponents into a "Monkey List"!


To date, with the progress of GM Lu's sharing of Maha Perfection Dharma, I sincerely hope that most have moved towards Universal Wisdom and leave the above "dictators" or "Head ignorants" well behind! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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