Thursday, May 14, 2015

Body Speech Mind -Masterful Mindset

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Sometime in October, someone asked me:
{ October 8, 12:06am
BB: Do you want me to shut down his website?

Francesca Poon: Hah? whose website?

BB: THe bullshit that talked about lotuschef.

Francesca Poon: Hahaha! No need. 
Guru said leave them be. 
their fires will burn out n now Central went into them with their own supporters to create havoc on both websites. 
the bullshit n the dharmapalas are being manipulated already

BB: I can shut him down in few days.

Francesca Poon: lets really listen to GM n watch from the sidelines. 
Do not interfere with the path of Karma


BB above, like many others, has the idea to shutdown or eliminate their perceived opponents using Force!


We have seen to date what TBS Central has done through the ilovegm forum which Bosses are members of TBS Central Committee!

From reading some initial posting of this forum, I deducted that the Big Sisters and Big Brothers are behind the setting up of ilovegm forum, and I wasn't wrong! :)

Thats the reason that GM advised me to stay away from this forum! 

Hahaha! My fault for going in and giving my 2 cents worth!!!

BB is the one that gifted the domain to me and he also shut it down at his own whim too! 

Although there are some articles with missing photos, the texts remained intact!

BUT, what has BB brought upon himself by disrupting the propagation of Buddha Dharma through the site?

Well, GM compassionately gave him a chance to benefit from helping in Dharma propagation, but he negated the chance!

From what BB told me, he also negated on a precious chance given to him by GM, when he were given funds to set up chapter in his location.
Seems he squandered the funds on luxuries like diamond studded watches, cars and etc.
When I met him, he was recovering slightly from his financial downturn.
I told him he has aura of a Bull with a ring around his left nostril.
Yes! Into the Animal realm!

He succumbed to some that he thinks have authority over me and him!

Dear all, 
remember that Cultivation enables you to Take control of your own destiny!
Means your own Life & Death!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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