Monday, May 25, 2015

25-5-2015 Homa in Celebration of Sakyamuni Buddha's Birthday F

Today, we have requests for Bardo of Fetus & Infant Spirits.
During the Four Refuge stage, I instructed these Spirits about refuge in Living Buddha Lian Sheng.
I also wish them well and to follow Divine guidance to Pureland to break free from Transmigration within the 6-realms of Samsara.

There is a tinkling sensation, signifying that these spirits are present and listening to me!

The Light orbs during the subsequent steps in the Sadhana is real fantastic too!

I can see them zooming around! :)

Remember, GM Lu said that in Cultivation, if your 3 main yidams "No Show", then you are in Grave danger!

In Bardo Delivery of Fetus Spirits, this is especially True.
These spirits are resentful of not being born alive or get possession of a Human Shell to succour themselves.
If you can't really help them, then please don't bluff your way through!
They are very lightly to come for you in a real lethal way!

Not frightening you, but just telling you the Truth as it is only!

Above: End of Homa!

Below: Before the Homa! :)

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