Friday, May 15, 2015

Body Speech Mind - Your Speech


那麼他們出去以後,他們就講「這個是我自己會的喔!你們是跟著我學的喔 !你們將來一定要跟我喔!不能跟師尊喔!這是我 自己會的。」
Then, when they go out, they said: This is what I personally learnt! You all follow and learn from me! In future, you all must follow me! Cannot follow Shizun! This is my own learning.

He then asked all fellow students: Is me that teach you dharma or shizun?

Fellow students: Shizun didn't teach us dharma, it is you that taught us dharma.

「好!那你以後就跟著我了,不用跟 師尊了。」
Good! Then from now on just follow me and no need to follow Shizun.

This is termed [Samaya Disciplines], this is a very important point.

You must understand or know Transmission Lineage.

Still remember that some of you alleged that I slander GM Lu?
And some said I bluff or lie to those English only students about Buddha Dharma?


If you believe these allegations, THEN you already revealed to those with Wisdom that you are truly ignorant and didn't understand anything that GM Lu has shared so far!

Being a student that has taken refuge with GM Lu for 30 or 40 years?
Best don't let on this fact if you are one of the ignorants that has yet to understand GM Lu's teachings or sharings so far!

Yes! One VM always bragged about being with GM Lu for 40 years and he is most senior too! 


O! He also always claim that all Buddhas & Boddhisattvas graced his events!

Yet another claimed that she is very accurate in Fortune telling like Palm reading!
BUT! This is one of them that has taken refuge with GM Lu for almost 30 years!

AND, GM Lu instructed me to teach her the 4 Preliminaries Practice!
She is also the one that came and asked me for the Keys to 9 Steps Breathing Techniques, after a Indo student told us that he got them from GM Lu!

A person that claimed she practices the Treasure Vase Qi Practice daily and don't have keys to 9 Steps Breathing Practice?

Frankly speaking, YOU are solely responsible for Failing to comprehend that in Tantrayana, The Root Guru is your most important key and never ever think to supercede or surpass or overthrow this Most Precious Key!

Noticed that I always advice all to "Listen Only to your One & Only Root Guru"?

So best heed my advice and don't think to use the years that you have taken refuge and wasted frivolously away to "Pull Rank" or use your self perceived senior status to mislead anyone with regards to Buddha Dharma!

You need to understand Buddha Dharma and its usages before you can attempt to share it! :)

Hahaha! Unlike many of you out there, I do not like to have too many crowd me or waste my time!

Therefore, I always tell you all to go listen to GM Lu or Adhere to GM Lu's version as the ultimate and utmost important one!

Best stick closely to GM Lu's guidances and don't let anyone else waste your precious and limited time in this life!

Pure Karma still prioritises sharing with those that have language handicap of not understanding the Chinese Language, but subject to queries on cultivation and absolutely NO to personal matters consultation!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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