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三昧耶戒 Samaya Disciplines

English Translation by Lotuschef.
The following is an extract from GM Lu's dharma sharing.
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The importance of Samaya Disciplines [2]

我今天把所有的法寫在書上,或者我曾經傳法過的, 給所有的上師,也曾經特別叫幾 個上師來,傳給他們特別的口訣心要。
Today, I wrote all dharma into books, or have transmitted dharma to Vajramasters, also have called up a selected few to specially transmit Key points to them.

那麼他們出去以後,他們就講「這個是我自己會的喔!你們是跟著我學的喔 !你們將來一定要跟我喔!不能跟師尊喔!這是我 自己會的。」
Then, when they go out, they said: This is what I personally learnt! You all follow and learn from me! In future, you all must follow me! Cannot follow Shizun! This is my own learning.

He then asked all fellow students: Is me that teach you dharma or shizun?

Fellow students: Shizun didn't teach us dharma, it is you that taught us dharma.

「好!那你以後就跟著我了,不用跟 師尊了。」
Good! Then from now on just follow me and no need to follow Shizun.

This is termed [Samaya Disciplines], this is a very important point.

You must understand or know Transmission Lineage.


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My assignment or homework bears the title of "没头没脑 Headless & Brainless"!

Isn't GM Lu great? :)

I have done my homework well!!!

If you would have ask yourself these: How did this VM acquires his "Knowhow" in the first place?

Answer: Through Lineage Transmission!

I have shared the GM Lu, Our Root Guru, is the Key to the Universe!
That is why when we cultivate, we must invoke Lineage Gurus' presence as well as Root Guru's!

The Ignorants that tried to "steal" ignorants from GM Lu, will only dig their own graves into Timeless or Vajra Hell when they breach Samaya Vows! 

GM Lu brought up several times about those that didn't learn Fengshui techniques from him, but somehow bragged about their prowess to provide these services. When GM Lu asked them for the origins of their knowhow, they mostly said inherited from their parents or ancestors! 


Did you picked up that GM Lu is pointing out to all that None of them ask to learn from him but give the impression that they acquired GM Lu's ability with Fengshui practices?

Guess many were fooled by these unscrupulous masters whose Outward or External Forms deluded many including themselves! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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