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GM Lu on 6 External & Internal Paramita

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Dharmadesana Maha Guru Lian Sheng 15 Nov 2009, di Miyi Leizangsi
(Vihara Vajra Garbha Miyi), Houston Texas

We all know that when Buddhist students cultivate, need to practice 6 Paramita.

As per Padmasambhava, the 6 Paramita consisted of 6 External and Internal Paramita, although same 6 Paramita but different explanation.

一個是屬於人的行為本身的六度,一個是修行人內在,內心修正的六度,是不 同的。
One of them is pertaining to cultivator's basic behaviour, and the other to the inner self or heart.
There is a difference.

三輪體空啊!可以講就是如來的智慧,三輪體空,無做者,無受者,沒有其中的做跟受之物,叫三 輪體空。
Formless 3 Wheels! can be said as Wisdom of Buddha, Formless 3 wheels - No executor, No receiver, No matter exist from the execution and receiving.

Padmasambhava said the Formless 3 Wheels is Prajna, this is how he said it: Not made up with motive, Function as per Great Void.


Pāramitā (Pāli; Sanskrit; Devanagari: पारमिता) or pāramī (Pāli) is "perfection" or "completeness."
In Buddhism, the pāramitās refer to the perfection or culmination of certain virtues. 
In Buddhism, these virtues are cultivated as a way of purification, purifying karma and helping the aspirant to live an unobstructed life, while reaching the goal of enlightenment.

Please go read this article by GM Lu if you want to truly cultivate well! 


These are all Basics or Fundamentals that you should acquire or pick up before you start to Cultivate or said to be cultivating! 

Tick each Paramita against your cultivation process as a guide to help you cultivate well and not waste precious and limited time of this life in frivolous and harmful pursuits.

Remember: Zen Patriarch Hui Neng's - All Thoughts are Evil! 

Hahaha! Likewise the Products of these Thoughts! 

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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