Monday, May 25, 2015

25-5-2015 Homa in Celebration of Sakyamuni Buddha's Birthday A

Yidams for this series of homas are:
White Padmakumara; Sakyamuni Buddha & Padmasambhava.

The last homa for this series will be on 1st June 2015, Vesak day.

Photos of today's session.


Above: Preparation of the offering for 7 sessions of Homa.
Below: Storing the edible offering in the fridge.

Above: Preparing the Robes & Crowns  set in 5 colors.
Below: Preparing the 5-colored petals flowers.

Above: This is Pure Karma's standard offering to the Homeless Spirits; Earth, City & all Deities.
Below: All set for Homa session!

Above: Taking out one of the Prepared Lotus from the fridge.
Below: Adding seasoned beef and sliced carrots to the lotus offering.

Above: The Birthday cake, sponsored by some fellow students.

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