Saturday, May 2, 2015

Preparation for 3rd & 4th Homa sessions

The following are part of the preparation for May 3 and May 4, Homa sessions.

 Above: Addition of gold ingots for Earth Deities, Fortune Gods of 5 Directions; and Fortune Gods of 8 Directions. May 3, 2015 is Lunar 15th day of 3rd month, we give more offerings on such an auspicious day! :)

 Above & Below: Some Cosmetics used for offering.

Below: Hair Mascara for offering.

Above & Below: "Blink-blink" used for offering.

 Above: "Gold Rice" used for offering.

 Above & Below: Various types of Incense use for offering.

 Above & Below: Various colored ribbons and belting material used.

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