Thursday, December 18, 2014

自私的爱 Selfish Love

Terjemahan Indonesia: Cinta yang Egois

Beautiful things, you must have? :)

These are my thoughts from a Korean drama series that I watched.

YY, loves ZZ in a possessive way and used his wealth to get rid of ZZ's current boyfriend, to the extend of attempting to kill him.

After marriage to ZZ, YY still feels that ZZ's boyfriend's shadow is in between them and hindering their marriage life.
ZZ clung to gifts from her boyfriend for security.

He started to have extra-marital affairs to attempt to rouse ZZ's jealousy, believing that in this way, he can gauge ZZ's love for him.


Of course his actions resulted in alienating ZZ from him.


Now, lets have fun! :)

Lets draw on the Diamond Sutra, shall we?

YY has feelings of inferiority and insecurity as he got ZZ through foul means.
So it is not a love-match.

In [No Form] concept of the Diamond sutra, YY's mindset of inadequacy was given [Form] and thus he lives with battling his own demon.

ZZ clung on to past memories for security because of YY's infidelity.

The main thing here is [What If?] as exhibited by both subjects here.

[Possession] is yet another factor here too. :)

Please think upon this and you can share your views with us too.

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Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
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