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要能「忍」,「讓」Must be Able to Persevere and Concede


12/06/2014 Nine Stages Dharma of the Great Perfection Dzogchen by Grand Master Lu-Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple

Yet another write up by VM LD!
Please listen to GM's original version for Full and Accurate details!

Summary translation by Lotuschef

GM refers to the hot discussions online these days and as cultivators, we need to practice [Perseverance] and to [concede], and [Can forgive then forgive] others.


That is to say, we have to conceal evil and propagate goodness, because karma will return naturally to individuals.
We need to recognise that this realm is [bewitchingly untrue], actually it is only [Bubble dream], a show or a dream only.

GM gave an example of Qing Dynasty's Emperor Kang Xi, who had all his court investigated, and found that all had committed some crimes.
He decided to burn all these reports and forgive these errants officials.
If not, only the emperor himself is left!
This is to say that we all will do wrongs, people with wrongs will face own individual karmic returns!

In Maha Perfection Dharma:
GM said he knows that are lots of people that are bewitched and loss in falsehood, Life and death is speedy and impermanent, the 6 realms transmigration cycle is True and not false, those with heavy [Greed Aversion Ignorance] even harder to escape transmigration into the 3 evil realms of samsara.

True resources is not [Money], but is [Treasure of Buddha Dharma]. and those with ample resources then can achieve the fruitful stage of Buddha.
We know [Kindness Compassion Joy and Giving without holding back]. We need to have heart of [renunciation], [Boddhicitta], this way then can have Heavenly Resources.


Truly happiness is in [Perseverance] and [Concede]!
Living Buddha Lian Sheng encourages all students:
everything in this realm is Suffering;
thus we must have [Heart of renunciation], [Boddhicitta], vow to attain Buddhahood, diligently cultivate, practice steadfastness, break off all life's sufferings, then will have no more sufferings!

Dear all,
The mention of 3 Poisons of Greed Aversion Ignorance and GM elaborated them too.

[VOID] all?


Can you?

A good way is to start with changing your mindset by practicing Lojong or Mind Training!

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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