Tuesday, December 30, 2014

笑是良药 Laughter is the Best Medicine

Dear all, Laughing is good for everyone.


In laughing, One expels "bad" energy in exchange for "good" ones!

GM laughs merrily often and shares this all around!

He also crack jokes during his dharma speeches to help all to lighten up and stay awake!

Staying awake needs "good" energy!

Lightening up or off loading one's burdens, also need "good" energy.

THINK: if you always carry a stern and unhappy face around, and proclaim yourself to be a True Yogi or cultivator that has attainment of Tantra Yoga like Maha Mudra or Maha Perfection, You are Bluffing!

Its all in GM's speech about some VMs or Gurus changing constantly!

What does GM wants to tell you in the last part of his speech of 27 December 2014?

During Pure Karma's fire puja or homa events, when helping each individual attendee to do offering, I lightly "scan" them. (See photo above).

Then I would encourage to smile.
Just a smile, and works miracle!

The aura of this person brightened instantly! :)

I also start the session with purging of Dark & Stale or Stagnant air within, making each one "clean up" inside, thus each one has a conducive environment to cultivate.


Many said I practice "Dark Arts"!

Do I? 

No! I share ways to help each one arrived at a conducive state to cultivate only!
AND these are simple steps to follow too!

These are also what GM assigned to me by telling me to "Leave TBS"!


The "standard" practices that exist and fed to the mass lacks effectiveness, BECAUSE of lack of detail instruction from lack of thorough comprehension of these practices!

Please refer to the Sadhana that Pure Karma has compiled in English, Chinese & Bahasa.

Looks the same as the "Standards" but clearer and easier to understand and follow!

Please Note that all Buddha's Dharma do not bear any restriction for all beings to learn.
There is no question of THEFT too, as only those with relevant Affinity will be able to decipher the Ultimate Truth to reach Buddhahood! :)

Relevant Affinity equates to One's karmic influences! 

Now understand why GM said that [Understanding Karma Fully, One is Enlightened!]


Listen to GM and laugh merrily then you will be happy & healthy! 

Yes!  Just a smile can change your inner energy fields greatly!

So people do not understand why I posted photos of places that I visited and stuff I cooked in this blog.

GM said everything we do is Cultivation!

Doing everything happily is indeed good cultivation! 
Do you agree?

The outdoors, gives you a chance to get closer to Mother Nature!
Cooking and being creative, relaxes you and help you laugh and de-stress!
Seeing nice and beautiful things, helps you feel joyful and even can help you feel joy oozing from within to share too! :)

Cheers all 

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