Wednesday, March 14, 2018

自大的[我] The Great [Self]!

Reference: Chinese drama ~ 单身女王 Queen of Singles
During a blind date session:
Woman asked the man to give an example of Investment as he is an Investment specialist.

The Man liken the woman & their future relationship as follows:
Woman's worth is her beauty and the man his money.
He said that woman's worth will depreciate with TIME as she ages & looses her beauty, whereas his money won't depreciate significantly! 

Hahaha! The woman threw a cup of water onto him and left!

Now, Lets have FUN!

1. The man said the woman's worth will depreciate with TIME passing.
Does this mean he will "write her off" when her beauty no longer exist?

2. He is that sure his money won't depreciate significantly if at all.
As an investment specialist, that is "bull-shit"!
He can loose everything with one bad investment, agree?

3. Didn't he figure in that they will have offsprings from their union?

4. How about his life-span?

Those involved in high-risk occupations like investments on a daily basis, actually are high risk group for Stress the silent killer.
Many die young from heart diseases and other diseases resulting from imbalance of nutritional intake.
See how many lost their hair before 35 years of age?

A person with the mindset of his own Great self, actually enslaved himself to his very own mindset!

I humbly suggest you take a stroll through this blog and locate the articles pertaining to TBS' admin published statements alleged to be from GM Lu on 22 Sep. after lunch in Seattle. 
As your mind slowly advance in realisation, these 10 published statements should become clearer to you and help you to find its True Author! 
There are lots of Topmost or highest within these statements, and also Win over others, better than others,......


You have to put in diligent efforts to progress as a Buddha's student!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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