Tuesday, March 13, 2018

解脱于悟境 Break-free & Realisation Level

[00:07, 3/12/2018] CF: Received from my cell group member ~
[10/03, 23:15] KP: Pls help me share ad. Helping this lady to clear as much stock as possible. Her husband passed away and left biz to her. The landlord wants her to move by month end.
: TT Import & Export Pte Ltd
Singapore ....
Directions: Nearest Bus Stop: ..... Building
You can take bus no: ....... from the Bus Stop right outside .... MRT and alight two stops later.
Parking lots are available right outside my shop.
Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday   10am-7pm
Sunday 2pm - 7pm
[00:08, 3/12/2018] CF: Everything $1

LY: [11:19, 3/12/2018] : 😱 Latest Report - 
It's a scam! ever been there before n told me she wanted to wind up business since 10 yrs ago!  her things not cheap even there's a sales n everytime she will advi closing down sales but nvm since 18 yrs ago! she supplies to my frds at ..... during cny n bot sooooooo many fr her.
: From a friend
: When i circulated


[13:33, 3/13/2018] CF: Hi everyone! I'm currently running a news story about the recent news that the Masterchef show is coming to singapore, but only Chinese-speaking participants will be allowed as the producers of the show plan to broadcast it on Channel 8. 
How do you feel about this? 
Do you think it is unfair? 
Or do you think it's not worth the fuss? 
Do you think more people will watch the show on Channel 8 so it should definitely be in Mandarin? 
Does all this even matter?
: Would love to hear what you think :)
: no correct or wrong answer, all just opinions!
: My ..... is doing a news story for his Uni assignment. 
Appreciate if you can give your view.

PP: hehe! I am effectively bilingual, so really doesn't matter! But I am not much into the Masterchef of this world, as each of us have our own preferences. I watch cooking show or video more to learn their technique in preparing ingredients, and cooking methods!
: some talk a lot and use machines instead of of manual
: I pick up usages of knives, pans & pots...... mostly!

The above are some info shared by friends in a certain chat group!

Actually I had bad vibes from the start about the story of being widowed & landlord chasing her away. 
Then the photos of merchandise arranged neatly in shelves clinched it for me! 
Yes! The merchandise is too "Well Displayed" to be a closing down sale!

Next the Cooking show!
I underlined some questions posted by CF, using your dharma knowledge acquired todate, THINK!

Have FUN! 
Personally I prefer to watch those chefs that shared preparation of simple meals that everyone can easily learn an put to good use! 

With Metta 

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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