Thursday, January 1, 2015

「時輪」的意義 Meaning of Kalachakra

These are reported by VM LD, in her own words, with some from GM Lu.
Please pick up the important points only & also please refer to GM Lu's speech for Absolute accuracy of Transmission.
Remember in Tantrayana, One's Root Guru's Direct Transmission is all that counts and all a cultivator needs to advance in cultivation through the Yanas! :)

Brief English translation by Lotuschef.
Please also try and do your own translation for Absolute accuracy!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom


「時輪」- means Time Wheel. 
Its purpose is divided into [ External; Internal & Other Time Wheel].

Internal Time Wheel is [Qi, Pulse, Bindu Drops];

External Time Wheel is Universe, Sun Moon Star Time; Kalachakra Vajra as Principle Yidam;

將自己的「內時輪」,把「外時輪」引到身上,合一 的狀態,就是「別時輪」,就是「時輪金剛佛」。
Using one's Internal Time Wheel to draw External time wheel onto One's body, this merging into one stage, is Other Time Wheel, that is Kalachakra Vajra Buddha.

GM talked about the Abundant Greatness of Kalachakra Vajra's pratices:

Firstly, receiving this abhiseka, and can abide Disciplines to cultivate properly, can attain Buddhahood within 7 lifetimes.

Second, with abhiseka, then chant mantra, culitvate, can ward off All calamities.

Third, cultivate this practice and chant mantra, will never drop into the 3 lower/evil realms in all future lifetimes.

[Om Ha Kamala Walaya Soha] This 10 syllables has its own meaning.

Representing: Lifespan, Heart, Material, Career; Birth/Life, Transcendental Transformation, victorious meaning, Wish, wisdom, at ease.


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