Thursday, January 1, 2015

永遠不變 Forever Unchanging

Terjemahan Indonesia: Selamanya Tak Berubah

Quoting from 時輪金剛的七個灌頂 The 7 Abhiseka of Kalachakra:

    The 7 abhiseka of Kalachakra Vajra includes:

Vajra Bell - signifies all speech is Pure;

Dorje - signifies Unchanging forever, your Bodhi Path Heart very steadfast;


融入大自然 Merging into Mother Nature
偷盗 Theft? (containing GM's speech links)
Go listen again, please!


The Abhiseka of kalachakra this round is truly interesting! :)

AA:and dropped bomb at the end of the sermon too hahahaha

"all those masters whom you love are ever changing too"

L: Yup.
I wrote about theft. Topic in my mind for few days n just nice match to gm's speech


Dear all,

Did you picked up this bit of the sermon and that GM is trying to tell you that "all those masters whom you love are ever changing too"?


Is talking about Money all the time, Pure?
Is instigating Revenge with Legal Suits on those that Admin deemed "Offensive", Pure?
Vajra Masters!!! 

Do you see the Purity of Speech that is Vajra Bell or Steadfastness signified by the Vajra or Dorje, in any of those masters whom you love?

Think you can understand GM's speeches and teachings and cautionings, now?


Time to Wake Up & rely on Self and self's efforts in cultivation?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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