Thursday, January 1, 2015

時輪金剛的七個灌頂 The 7 Abhiseka of Kalachakra

These are reported by VM LD, in her own words, with some from GM Lu.
Please pick up the important points only & also please refer to GM Lu's speech for Absolute accuracy of Transmission. 
Remember in Tantrayana, One's Root Guru's Direct Transmission is all that counts and all a cultivator needs to advance in cultivation through the Yanas! :)

Brief English translation by Lotuschef. 
Please also try and do your own translation for Absolute accuracy!

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

The 7 abhiseka of Kalachakra Vajra includes:

Birth - signifies Wisdom Life start to Rebirth;

Bottle/Vase - signifies Purity of Body;

Crown - signifies your attaining Buddhahood in the future;

飄帶-means floating belt. 
Sashes - signifies Dignified; 

Vajra Bell - signifies all speech is Pure;

Dorje - signifies Unchanging forever, your Bodhi Path Heart very steadfast;

Name - signifies a Vajra's title, you will attain Kalachakra Vajra in future;

如意 - means your wishes materialised.
It is also an item that Golden Mother of Yao Pond holds in her left hand. (see picture below)

Ru Yi - signifies all calamities receded and dispersed; 

Permission - signifies Permission to cultivate Kalachakra's practices.


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