Friday, January 16, 2015

信心坚定 Steadfast Faith?

Terjemahan Indonesia: Iman yang Kokoh?

X: 法師,我两公婆又賴野啦星期二晚我師兄執到一個地柜,问Z姐啱吾啱。





Y: X你要替代

法師: ................

X: 法師,我有做披甲護身,我也冇諗其他……但就咁巧合



法師: 我讲过对师尊要有绝对不疑,不移,的信心! 无可畏惧。

X: 哦,知道,吾该法師


This is the second time that X alleged Z's residence have bad vibes that cause her and her spouse to suffer discomforts.

L: this X again asked for help
she said she n her hubby picked a cupboard n gave to Z jie, the one that cooks the .....
then she n her hubby also got sick n cant sleep n etc
then Y butted in to ask me to help them

I told them dont be superstitious n think rubbish to frighten self as well as others
told them to go try & understand Heart sutra n also do armor protection
why create fear for self n others?
i scolded them all
Y even commented that X has to bear others' negatives!
what a bunch!

A: yeah just make no sense about the cupboard

L: they found it n called Z jie, and Z jie said she don't mind having the cupboard. so they brought it over n then don't feel well n blame the cupboard n Z jie's place. said they every time go there also got problems
this time only pass the door

bcos she created the fear factor that that place is "haunted"

told her if not her karmic negatives, cant even step on her at all

B: hahaha

L: i am busy packing n this X n Y keep whats app me
this is personal wenshi

A: yep, might be next DD

L: I told her that if she asks some more then I will charge her SGD 3K for wenshi as all she asked is personal

she now asked whether is it due to her clash with Taisui this year thats why jammed with ying

B: so much of fear

L: ya lol. so self creat demon
she said she did armor protection n also xiu fa
hehe. how many xiu fa everyday to no effect

B: and still afraid of that

L: lack of trust in Gm n thus no conviction that she will be alright!

B: yes
you may need to straighten several concepts to them again in later

L: wow! I talked to them for hours on Sunday when u guys when shopping
all wasted on them


Dear all, when you have absolute Faith in GM Lu, you can trust that he will watch out for you always.
So there really is no need to give way to your own heart's demon!

These are Self created Suffering only, happens whenever you left your Root Guru, Living Buddha Lian Sheng behind! 

The Heart sutra as I had shared before has calming effect when you chant it slowly and try to figure out what it is sharing with you. :)

X arrived at the Negative angles all the time, alluding the problem or causative factors to others.

I told her very clearly that only her own karmic enemies can hurt her.

See she then suggested that it might be that she clashes with the Taisui or Duty Magistrate for year 2015. :)

This mind is too prone to thinking negatively.

Where is her Root Guru or where she placed her Root Guru at all these "Scary times"?

Cheers all.

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom

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