Tuesday, January 20, 2015

为何不悦 Why Be Miserable?

A: B likes to bombard me with questions and then said that he knew what I am going to reply!
He shows off his high academic qualifications and at the same time made me feel inferior.

For example: He said: what do you think of that person X, who is problematic?
Then he came out with, I know you are going to use Karma again to answer me!


Now! Lets have Fun!

Bring your Fundamentals like 4 Noble Truths on board please! :)


B asked a question of A.
Now, what is the topic of this question?

B brought up X and Problematic!

What should A do with his knowledge of the 4 Noble Truths?

1. Problematic
2. What is B's definition of Problematic?
3. From where does B arrives at his pronouncement of Problematic?
4. Solve B's queries.

A should ask B what is his definition of Problematic and in what way is X problematic?
Since B then answered his question with saying that he knew A would use Karma to answer him, then ask B why need to ask then?

In this case, B assigned a task to A and all A needs do is ask B to make himself clear in purpose.

Now, remember Dilgo Rinpoche's shared Padma Guru's statements with the "Jug & Water Sharing" story?

When One has Intent of sharing water, but unable to follow through because his jug has no water!
When you attempt to share Dharma, ask whether you have any Dharma to share first!

Now, lets say that B wants to share something to drink and pass the jug to A to fill it and share it around.
The Jug that B passed to A is empty!
There are containers of different fluids set out on at table some distance away.

What should A do?
1. Ask B what he wants to share first!
2. Then asked B who does he wants to share with?
3. Which drink does he wants to fill the jug and share?
4. Then return the empty jug to B, and tell him to do what he wishes!

B should carry out his own wishes and not push on to anyone else.


If A were to say to B, "you mean you don't know what is your own idea of Problematic?" ; B is going to be the foolish one, with the tables turned on him!

To anyone that attempt to make you feel inferior, just stay cool calm clear minded, and bring forth Root Guru, then chant mantra silently and have FUN!

Asking B to define himself is the best way to force him to think hard before his next attempt to be superior! :)

Do these:
"Hah? You can't explain what you asked?"
"O! You mean you don't know what you are asking?"
"Please make yourself clear first."

"You already predicted my reply, then why ask at all?"


You can think of more too!

Study some of the dialogues shared by GM Lu in his books, between Zen masters and their students.
Most often, returning the question back to the originator works and void any feelings of inferiority.
Knowing how to void and practicing how to void diligently, you can then Break Free!

There really is no need for you to reply when confronted with someone like B.
You will only start an argument and the feeling of loosing make you miserable and inferior only.

Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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