Friday, January 16, 2015

画符 Draw Talisman

A: Fashi can teach us to draw talisman or not?

我: 画符要师尊亲自灌顶。一般都没有这个必要。我们的咒就够了。
记得见我的时候问我, 我会详细点解释。
Me: Drawing talisman needs GM's personal or direct abhiseka. Generally do not have this need.
Our mantra is enough. 
Do remember to ask me when you meet me, I will explain in more detail.

甲: 多谢! 多谢!
A: Thank You! Thank You!

我: 切记:瑜伽第一层是 [专一瑜伽 ]。 别浪费宝贵的时间追一些世俗的方便法。 :) :) :)
Me: Must remember: the First stage or level of Yoga or Maha Mudra is [Focus on One Yoga].
Do not waste precious time chasing after some methods of convenience in the sentient world. :) :) :) 


Dear all, this is an interesting topic! :)

GM said that for the Talisman that one drew to be effective, there must be Sincerity of purpose!
AND, the one drawing the Talisman must also cultivate a session of respective Yidam's sadhana, invoking the Yidam's blessing & empowerment transmission!

Therefore, successful yoga first with Root Guru and the respective yidam is required!

NOW Think!
When you are successful in Guru Yoga, means your mantra chanted are effective and you can perform lots of methods as per situation to help anyone leave suffering behind.

Do you still need to draw a Talisman for a request to be executed? 


In the case of Fire offering, a script is written to detail the purposes of the session and to request for blessing for all and may all be as per wishes ......

If you have reach GM's stage, then you only need to speak or voice your purposes and wishes for whatever event, and by then, like GM, you will have the ability to invoke any yidam with a thought or snap of your fingers.

Also, GM said that [that which cannot see, are more precious or worthy]. 

When you speak or voice instead of write out the request, it comes from your own mind.
When you put voice to an Order which is what most Talisman has, an order to execute a certain task
with immediate effect!

THINK: do you really need to learn how to draw Talisman or Order or Edict?

Tantrayana being immeasurably infinite, your will is the command and there is not further need to even voice it, just a thought is all that is required!


Cheers all

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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