Tuesday, July 3, 2018

六道金刚咒轮 6-realms Vajra Mandala - 治疗 Healing?

Quoting from 六道金刚咒:

6-realms vajra mantra liberates all beings, has infinite merits.

Those that hear this mantra's sound from chanting or sight this mantra, or body or limbs come into contact with this mantra, all will be able to eliminate sins/karma of 3 lifetimes, can attain Buddhahood in the future.

This mantra has great merits towards liberation of deceased beings.

Those deceased beings that descended into lower realms, can also leave this realm to rebirth in Pureland.

Chanting more of this mantra during one's lifetime, upon death and being cremated will yield Sariras.

利益众生无上殊胜的六道金刚咒功德及因缘 [六道金刚咒」可译为
「带成佛咒」- (bring to Buddhahood mantra),即佩带身上,亦可成佛。

[This mantra originates from Adharma Buddha's transmission to Vairocana Buddha]

彼时毗卢遮那佛化身对他说:Vairocana Buddha's transformation said to him: 
Sentient beings liberate Sentient beings of course those liberated is very few;
if adhere to Buddha dharma to liberate sentient beings, then sentient beings can self liberate.

Those that heard this statement, similar to begging Vairocana to transmit dharma of liberation of sentient beings.

Vairocana Buddha will transmit this mantra.

Those that chant this mantra Seven times, all dead fishes will get rebirth in Western Paradise; those fishes that are still alive, will have their infinite karma eliminated and can attain Buddhahood upon their death.

This is roughly the unimaginable merits of [6-realms vajra mantra] .


Dear all, 
Remember how many years ago I received a stack of this 6-realms vajra mandala and subsequently researched it and shared widely with all?

I also taught a visualisation method when chanting White Padmakumara's long mantra that has the 6-realm vajra mantra incorporated within, recall?

Now, I use them for someone with Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer and the tumour dried up and shrunk and cancer markers dropped from 540 to 17 in about 3 months. 
Sadly, he didn't keep the promise to do charity.
His life was prolonged for only 3 years out of the 10 years he requested.

Now, I chanted  [White Padmakumara's long mantra] 108 times to "initial" a stack of the paper printed with [6-realms vajra mandala] on Saturday and gave them out to some attendees of the Medan event.

On Sunday, after cultivation session in celebration of GM Lu's birthday, I taught someone how to USE this mandala to heal himself! 

That is chanting with visualisation and placing the printed square of mandala where the illness or problem is.

I also aided a little by sending "Qi" via a Vajra-finger mudra through this person's palm that is holding down the printed mandala.

Hehe! He started to feel warmth spreading from the mandala and this continued for quite sometime until it became scorching and he has to remove the printed mandala. 
The warmth lasted for more than an hour after removing the printed mandala.
This person has Fatty Liver. 

Will monitor the progress and if this person is truly diligent and sincere in Healing himself, he should have no problem.

With metta,

Om。ah。hum。 gu-ru-bei。ah-ha-sa-sa-ma-ha。 lian-sheng。sid-dhi。hum
Lama Lotuschef

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