Wednesday, July 18, 2018

[天欲其亡,必令其狂]~ When Heaven wants it's demise, ensure it goes crazy first

老子道德经说:From Laozi's Dao De Jing
[天欲救之 以慈卫之 天欲灭之 以狂予之]
When Heaven wants to save it, use Metta (Loving kindness) to protect it
When Heaven wants to exterminate it, use madness as gift to it.

Western [Bible, old testament] have [Pride comes before decay; Crazy mind comes before a fall]; 
Ancient Greek Author, Euripides said: When God wants to let it destroyed, sure will let it go crazy first.


老子道德经说:From Laozi's Dao De Jing
第七十三章  Chapter 73
1 勇于敢则杀﹐勇于不敢则活。此两者﹐或利或害。 
2 天之所恶﹐孰知其故﹖ 
3 天之道﹐不争而善胜﹐不言而善应﹐不召而自来﹐繟然而 善谋。 
Heaven's Path attains without conflict, responds without words, materialise without invocation, calmly plan & execute with success.
4 天网恢恢﹐疏而不失。

第八十一章 Chapter 81
1 信言不美﹐美言不信。
2 善者不辩﹐辩者不善。 
3 知者不博﹐博者不知。 
4 圣人不积﹐既以为人己愈有﹐既以与人己愈多。 
5 天之道﹐利而不害。圣人之道﹐为而不争
Heaven's Path benefit and not detriment. Saint's Path do without conflict.


Dear all, now go through all that happened from the beginning of the "Leave TBS" allegation saga that the ex-successor initiated.

Its all as The Great Master, Laozi, shared!

Yes! A person that is filled with the Poisons of Ego & Greed, goes crazy with satisfying all their whims & fancies, of course, their downfall or demise is the End result!

Dear all,
Heaven's Path or the Heaven's Pathway is relevant to all those sincere students learning Buddha Dharma.

Don't waste time on Frivolous pursuits, go enjoy what Great Master Laozi shared!

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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