Sunday, July 15, 2018

Light Bodies 光体?

2018年7月14日 聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥法王開講:畢哇巴的「道果」


[12:59, 7/15/2018] lotuschef: Today's sermon - GM said that he wrote into his new book about how Maha twin lotus pond is like.
Hehe! That we are all light bodies n all the same. When one think of something, all lotus children have the same thought!
: also about keeping quiet when One sees something, else tell already, those that heard will go spread all over, and the Truth is distorted!
: thats why I said, Do already also no one knows!

AA: yes
lotuschef: hehe! there are lots of stuff that I shared in my blog and with you all already. so these are stuff that GM wants students to cultivate n find out for themselves all these years, instead of spreading Lies about what GM said!
: just like what we find online, esp on facebook when those that really don't know anything about Tantra hit out at those that know!

AA: so many of them and from other religions as well, well they think they're meritorious and knowledgeable 😄
lotuschef: ya. Keeping quiet and not teaching them is the best. when they have the relevant merits that mature into Buddha Affinity, they will learn n remember n use lol
: else they scold me or slander me, saying I talk rubbish and lie
: but those of you that witness GM's abilities to transmit energy thru me to help people knows that I am not lying about what GM can do
AA: 🙏
lotuschef: also VM Te-hui asked GM not to speak during mealtimes, cos many heard and spread their versions of what GM said! Hehe!
: This is not right at all! What One hears is as per One's own realisation or enlightenment level, nothing to do with GM's sharings
AA: Yes, i was thinking so
lotuschef: GM is free to say anything he wants, as he said in his speech, that padmakumara has nothing that they can speak of at all!

lotuschef: I don't like camomile tea as they have a weird taste to me, although its suppose to have calming effect
: I am cool calm n clear minded most of the time. Hehe!
: When Gm draws upon statements from individuals or quote them, its dharma teachings to apply the 8 fold noble paths lol!

AA: Yep, he means to teach the people at that time something
lotuschef: but when I do that, ppl scold me n say I talk bad about others! Hehe!
AA: Hehe, capacities
lotuschef: ya lol. ppl don't know but want to cover up their ignorance, so hit out at others that know more than them! SAD!
: but most ppl behave like this for fear of exposing their ignorance or how lacking they are
: O! the blue lotus VM LF that left, came back again! :) 
probably after ning's departure, she feels better or her chance of being place highly is much better! 
She always said that GM said her enlightenment level is higher that Calgary's LM
AA: Hahaha
: What a game
lotuschef: why leave in the first place? she can hold on n see what will happen to ning lol
: ya. best to be like me, really couldn't care less who takes over n mess up
AA: Yes
lotuschef: its one's own cultivation that counts lol. not who is in control of what
AA: 😊🙏
lotuschef: like I didn't control you all, but somehow you all seems to listen to me, even though I told you all I always talk rubbish 😜😜
: or what I say don't always make sense!
BB: 😜👍

Dear all, remember GM Lu told us that he was told not to write books on Zen Masters & their Dialogues, because most can't udnerstand and these books don't sell?

Like I say: Your Body Speech Mind revealed what you are or what level of cultivation you have attain or not at all! 

Yes! I learn to keep quiet and not share certain dharma or methods broadly. 
Just share with those that have needs, to help them only.

Those that chose to believe in fakes, if you are happy to continue, good for you! 

Waking up also needs merits to mature your Buddha Affinity level!

If you really want to learn, go spend more time on prudent pursuits like reading and understanding GM Lu's teachings and sutras like the Avatamsaka.

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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