Thursday, February 22, 2018

It was another sales gimmick after all! 又是一场促销把戏!

[18:52, 2/21/2018] BB: hi fashi.. XX promo start from medan city n retunn. not from singapore
AA: so if from sg how much?

BB: wait ya.

[21:36, 2/21/2018] AA: no. don't book liao
: I will book from sg
BB: okay
AA: the travel fair bluff people one lol
BB: hahahha yes. they also check from website lol
BB: 😁
: okay i can go home liao 😀
AA: ya. sorry for the trouble. these people really all trying to bluff ppl to go to their fair only
AA: now higher liao. the going home sector needs to pay $65 more to the 173.

AA: the XX travel fair actually bluff lots of ppl. they even say no seats in economy so try to sell the biz seats
: one thing good is ppl rush to book XX then YY cheap liao
: when XX flight is full, no difference from YYliao. cos noisy n crowded, lost the exclusive atmosphere!

Hahaha! We went a merry-go-round for a few hours and ended up learned a big lesson!
Started from before 18:52 and ended after 21:36!

Its yet another sales gimmick! 

Some didn't realise that we can choose to go on other airlines and on different dates too! 

However, being immerse in the atmosphere of "Urgency", somehow resulted in many forking out more than they planned! 

Dear all,
Too expensive? 
Don't go! 

Its the same with airfares to Taiwan to attend this coming weekend's events in Caotun & Linkou! 

The alternative is to stay home and watch from the Live coverages!

Many were stranded at the Linkou stadium because the transport alleged to be arrange out of Linkou didn't cater well for all the attendees, just like my first visit to Huangti chapter.
Those without mobiles to contact taxi companies were stranded in the bitter cold evening for hours, exposed to the harsh cold that most South East Asians are not accustom to!

After Huangti's experience, I vowed not to go to this 鸟不生蛋 -birds won't lay eggs place! :)
Then the Linkou's experience, left much to be desired!
The one good thing is, outside Linkou stadium, many volunteers of the event were distributing warm packs of glutinous rice and bottled water!
We were freezing in the cold and some cabbies said they don't know how to get to Linkou stadium to pick us up! 

I hope those going to attend this year's event at Linkou, make sound plans to leave after the event! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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