Sunday, August 5, 2018

佛弟子?Buddha's Disciples?

The World Supreme One's disciples learn mainly what HE said ~
自主生死 Control own life or death
离苦得乐 Leave suffering to attain happiness
众生平等。All beings are Equal.

如何[做到]?How to [Achieve]?
一个证悟的[老师],四无量心,八正道 ~无我,无执,无所谓,无畏惧,。。。
An Enlightened or Affirmed [Teacher], the Four Immeasurable Mindset, Eight-fold noble path ~ selfless, no fixation, no attachment, no fear, .....

GM Lu said: [Heart renounce home]!
Actually, in Buddhist Groups or Organisations there is only [At Home] and [Renounce Home] students!
In my eyes, that is [At home] and [Renounce home] fellow students!

I often say: I only listen to GM!
In Tantrayana, Truly only need to basically [Listen] to the teacher's words, then [diligent] active cultivation!
Hehe! You all ask Self is it [walk wrong way] already?

That [5-Buddha crown] caused you all to be lost!
The Real [5-Buddha crown] MUST be Cultivated by yourself for it to appear!
Think, when you can yoga with [Maha White Padmakumara], then naturally have the [5-Buddha crown] and [Lotus Dharma Throne]!

Yoga with [Maha White Padmakumara] in TBS equals to [Guru Yoga]!
This then is your [Path]'s fundamental [KEY] or [Fruit]!

[Using False to Cultivate and attain Real] is Tantrayana's basic method or dharma!
Why become [Using False to mess up the Real]?

TRY to think: Buddha's disciples cheat and harm sentient beings including self?
鲁师尊口里的XX, 就那么一个而已吗?
The XX in GM Lu's mouth, only that one?

2013 年, XX Ning 号令同门赶走我,释莲厨,一个5岁的出家同门。
Year 2013, XX ning instigated and ordered fellow students to chase me, Reverend Lotuschef, away; a 5year old fellow student who has renounce home.
Also played what [delist from Sangha list] .
[Renounce Home] is not something a group of Ignorant beings can dictate about!

These boring sentient games only let those with [Enlightened Levels] see clearly [Mara]'s slaves enacting [Mara's Hindrance]!

2018年,在处理XX Ning 等人时,为何[手软]?
Year 2018, in punishing XX ning and his cohort, why [Hand-weak]?
(**Hand-weak - means dare not act decisively)

Why don't publicised which are the [Big Precepts] breach?
还有,这等[大戒]必须[逐出]僧团 =强行还俗!
Also, these grade of [Big Precepts] MUST [chase out] of Sangha group = Must be ordered to [Return Home] or reversed their [Renounce Home] acts!

Chinese saying: Cut grass if don't remove roots, Spring wind blows and these grasses will grow again!

是的,还有很多无明的同门还在为XX Ning 等人打抱不平!
Yes, there are still lots of Ignorant fellow students that are still trying to seek justice for XX ning and cohort!
跟那些还追从XX LH,[鬼婆],一样的活跃!
Just like those that still follow XX LH, [Ghost Granny], still active!

After [Renounce home] , you still chase [Fame & Gains], cheat others out of their [monetary wealth], better to [return to sentient]!

[还俗]- means return home, and reverse the renounce home, that is leave Sangha assembly.

With Metta,

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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