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鲁士 Lersi



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The word Lersi is derived from the Sanskrit word Rishi of which Ruesi is a derivative of, meaning a "seer" or "one who sees into the beyond". have received knowledge from Brahma himself and therefore able to interpret or discover the true meaning of the Vedas and many of the Kata/ Gatha (mantras).

They existed before Siddhattha's time in this world. They resided in the deep forests in what is now known as Nepal and India. Separated from society and free of the attachments and distractions normal life brings, the Lersi developed strong spiritual powers, often meditating for weeks at a time.

"The Ruesi are known to have attained various supernatural mind powers, such as;
The Ability to Float and See the Future, Heal with Forest Herbs, Voice Powers (Incantation and Prana), talk with animals, read minds, and even Teleportation, Manipulation of the Elements, Alchemy and other Miraculous forms of Mastery of the Environment. "
(Ajarn Spencer Littlewood,

This power gave them an infinite amount of insight into the various uses of plants, minerals, stones, etc. for their practical and magical use.

Their role was similar to that of a shaman, medicine doctor, witch doctor, mid-wife, dhamma teacher, etc. Yet none of these accurately define the role of a Lersi as they were gifted with the knowledge of these and more. They made potions from plants and roots, healing the people when they came across sickness, cured those who have been cursed, cursed those who unjustly cursed, created protective amulets and yants for those in need, etc. They wandered from place to place instructing the people as they went. A Lersi is a heritage that is handed down from one generation to the next, via mouth to ear, but very cautiously.

On the dash board of the cab that I took from airport home, 3 mini statues were displayed, all facing the interior of the cab.
I asked info about each statue and found out one of them is Lersi!
So I asked the cabbie why he displayed the statues facing inwards and he said he was actually facing them outwards, but someone said he should turn them around to face the interior of cab.

I had fun pointing out some keys to let him ponder on!

Cabbie really didn't know what each statue represents and their "powers"!

At the end, I told him that he only need one instead of 3 statues!

Can you figure out why?

With metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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