Wednesday, June 13, 2018

[我]可以吗?Can [I] ?

Received the following from a fellow student.
Read and analyse and hopefully pick up some statements that you can use Basic Keys of Buddha Dharma to resolve.
Of course, at different levels of the Cultivation ladder, your deduction will also varies!
That is there is No Absolute!

** << [17:09, 6/10/2018] BT : Hi fashi, at my workplace there is a elderly (60years old) uncle pass away last tue n tomorrow is his 头七。He has no family in spore. His ashes is put in mandai in a niche but no 神主牌 (Tablet or plaque with deceased data).

Can I just chant n pray to him some food outside his unit
[17:10, 6/10/2018] BT : I intend to chant the gao Wang n zhenfojing for him n burn the lotus to him. >>**

[22:27, 6/10/2018] lotuschef: This is BT's
[23:14, 6/10/2018] AA: ic
sincere do praying is better 👍
lotuschef: Haha! I actually like to listen to comments from all 3 of you.
BB: our question was before the demise, now this one is after the demise 😄
(the topic of before the demise was discussed in Medan in early January 2018).

: i feel that it doesn't have to be too complicated as to put some food outside his unit
: with name and address, the dedication can be made everywhere, it's like chanting the sutra or performing puja and dedicating the related merits to someone or specific things
: or if like GM, he can just focus and call the name, the deceased spirit will come and can partake the offerings that he offers, or get the necessary deliverance
: that's just my two-cents 🙏

CC: I love the way haha
: Burn lotuses 😍

lotuschef: You all missed the point here ~ she asked whether she CAN  chant n pray n give food offering or not!

BB: Can, why not
lotuschef: Then she became more decisive n stated HER INTENT!
: Hehe! Reading her words, I can only reply: WHY ASK ME?
: she wants to the put across the idea that she has compassion n willing to do charity BUT not sure whether she will do wrong n get bad karma for herself or not.

BB: obvious for the latter part
CC: Can rite?  (with this question, CC showed us that she is of the same mindset as BT, concur? )

lotuschef: Asking me means she is scared. But stating her intent means she is defiant.
: Thats why she difficult to advance in cultivation levels. (Indecisive)

: Karma will not affect one that truly understand Formless 3 wheels of bodhicitta
lotuschef: So CC, can or not also can be right or wrong!
AA: 👍👍👍🙏
lotuschef: Hehe! This is a TEST for 3 of you!
BB: 🙏
lotuschef: BT didn't learn anything much from me at all. Offering don't need to physically put where his unit or tablet is.
CC: 🙏🏻😅

lotuschef: BB's 2cents is pretty valuable though😜
: The highest level of maha mudra is no cultivation. Or do already also no one know.
BB: 🙏 yes hor
lotuschef: So its all in the cultivator's mind
Follow me for years still don't know basics.
BB: very precious 🙏🙏🙏
 lotuschef: I won't reply n best let her decide Or at least think!
AA: hehehe
lotuschef: 😜 do or don't also depends on ONE's own mindset n expected results or predicted outcome n whether with human mind or buddha's mind.

BB: 🙏
lotuschef: Just landed back in sg 😜

It is of utmost importance to arm Self well with all the basic keys of Buddha Dharma, before One attempts to execute any deeds be these deeds be perceived as good or bad!

If you think a person is to be pitied because he doesn't have any family in Singapore, then do consider why he is in his present predicament first!

That also tell us that the deceased has family but currently not in Singapore!

I have cautioned many fellow students cultivating with me for years to not SINGLE OUT any individual of no Blood ties for their dedication, BUT instead to do a broad spectrum dedication to all beings.
This way, there will Not likely be any Repercussion from the recipient's karmic foes!

Study Boddhicitta's Formless 3 Wheels ~ 菩提心的三轮体空!

I do not wish to repeat myself trying to drum in Buddha Dharma's basics over & over again!

Remember your Body Speech Mind is yours to cultivate, and yours only!

Hahaha! Most of you really didn't listen well and understand what GM Lu teaches or shares!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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