Sunday, May 13, 2018

被鬼压 Press-down by Ghosts

Above: There is this lighted ring of particles around this lady's next, as if strangling her.

WS: Hi fashi. If one often got suppression(被压) during sleeping. Does it mean her body is weak. ?

[16:01, 5/12/2018] lotuschef: hard to tell just with this info.
: see doctor?

WS: She tell me since young have. She feel is 被鬼压
: And sometime she sleep her spirit wander out of her body. And she can see her body sleeping

lotuschef: sounds like Vn's experiences. the spirits drag her spirit out to play. thats why sleep alot also not enough

lotuschef: got guiyi or not?

WS: Haven guiyu. But korean
: She cannot speak Chinese. Lol English 20%
: But i send her some mantra to listen. She say help her sleep better

lotuschef: she is in Sg?
WS: Yes
lotuschef: ask her to learn guru's mantra and that of Amitabha
WS: Ok
lotuschef: I am going to Batam next thursday to do fire puja. ask her want to come along?
: I can give her a cleansing if she attend the event

WS: She gg back kr on wed.
lotuschef: then can she pay to do offering for her? I can meet her for a few minutes
: seeing spirits n being played by them n disturb by them is one's own karma.

WS: I check with her.
lotuschef: so it should be written on her face.
WS: Umm ok

lotuschef: you know I charge for personal consultation.
WS: Yup I know
lotuschef: and helping her with her personal problems also must negotiate with the spirits that are disturbing her. the best way is to do karmic offering
WS: Ok
lotuschef: each pack is $88. and should do 3 or 7 packs, so the karmic foes will be softened to listen. as to whether they are willing to forgive is another matter
: I really don't like to do these types esp she has problems from young.
: GM said: more than 6 years hard to completely clean up
WS: Umm

lotuschef: I will use the funds to do karmic offering packs and also offering from her karmic to divine during fire puja to help soften the karmic in order to negotiate.
: how old is she now?
WS: 24
lotuschef: Vn did alot of Karmic packs n also she attend fire puja regularly, sponsoring event supplies too! then one nite she dreamt that the spirit dragged a trolley bag n told her no need to give her anymore offering cos she is leaving.
: that is one spirit only. I have seen the spirit inside her showing me her sharp teeth and smiling evilly at me. :)

WS: Wa haha
: Nice.

lotuschef: its a long process n the person must be willing to at least learn some mantra, chant n dedicate to her own karmic foes
WS: Ok
lotuschef: as she is leaving, don't have much time to guide her lol
WS: Yea that's the problem
lotuschef: your problem got cleared also bcos you willing to chant 100 syllables mantra of at least 108 times daily
lotuschef: if she wants to meet me, 2moro afternoon after 2pm.
WS: Ok i let her know
lotuschef: I can give her some talismans for protection

Seems that most people live with these type of problems of being press-down in bed or being stack upon when sleeping and didn't bother to seek help at the first instance.

Another common problem is young children from birth that can see spirits and couldn't tell anyone about their sightings.

Yes! Most of these problems with ghostly spirits can be read from subjects' faces.

I humbly advice that you seek help fast before it is too late to completely eliminate these problems with ghostly spirits.

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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