Sunday, May 27, 2018

Mindset 心念

[00:26, 5/27/2018] AA: 謝謝您的愛。我也愛您🌷💓
lotuschef: what AI?
AA: 🤟大愛🤟
lotuschef: still using this term?
AA: Well too big a term to use
: practising and acting it out is a different matter
lotuschef: u can use as long as you are truly of that mindset n not bluffing
AA: 🙏
lotuschef: the key is must be HONEST
AA: yes, fashi 🙏 well, that big challenge
: otherwise i should just keep my mouth shut and not deliberately utter that jargon
lotuschef: hahaha! I made you real nervous thinking why you so stupid cos can't figure out Da Ai!
: you actually know but can't link up only
AA: i totally understand i couldn't link up things, but you're correct that at certain concept, some things have to be precisely put together
lotuschef: that spark is still missing for instant enlightenment lol
: GM gave you a chance lol
AA: 🙏🙏🙏
lotuschef: u worked hard and GM wants to reward you
: thus the pressure to make you explain yourself
: to most ppl, I seem to be very bad or cruel to push you to wake up
: BB also got quite scared that he didn't know how to pinpoint the key
AA: i read many things and i lost myself within, i don't know how to put them in words 😅
lotuschef: that means you don't understand cultivation from the start, bcos those that taught you or seemed to have taught you, didn't make themselves clear from the start.
: n many didn't bother to ask why I teach you all from the start to void self & merge into ocean of light
AA: 🙏
: i didn't really realise that the real emphasis is the ......

lotuschef: remember : thru christ our lord?
: same as thru GM our guru.
AA: So true, so true!
: With ........ at the end
: 🙏 must really practise correctly

lotuschef: the method taught was to visualise paternal, maternal, friends n foes all around at start of cultivation. that is to help focus or concentrate & not let thoughts wonder
: but actually there............

AA: 🙏 thank you for pointing out this
: this is jumping out from the boundary of .....
lotuschef: hehe! told you its that simple n after I reveal the answer to you, you really feel like kicking yourself
AA: but to practise it is really not easy, some habits really have to be controlled
: but with this mindset, it surely is the guiding path

lotuschef: another one is Discipline as Guru.
: people that kept holding tight to guru become too dependent n can't understand that .........
AA: Yes 🙏
lotuschef: so understand terms like discipline as guru is also important
: like visualisation, ........ utimately
AA: 🙏
lotuschef: but ppl say you disrespect the guru if you teach them to ......
: buddha said the guru can be discipline, that means not a live person.
: and discipline is as perceived by one's own mind or heart
: so no fixed rules or disciplines at all

AA: ...... means there is still a sense of existence and separation
: Yes
lotuschef: tantrayana is infinite n immeasurable
AA: 🙏
lotuschef: most will accuse me of talking rubbish though! Hehe!
[12:52, 5/27/2018] lotuschef: GM just said [With what mindset you cultivate]!
: hahaha! we were talking about this!
AA: yes 🙏
lotuschef: as I say we have to start off with the right mindset knowing what we are doing every step of our way

If you read from earlier articles in this blogspot, you will have noticed many articles stressing on [Mindset] of the cultivator!

Therefore, before you figure out what is taught in the Sadhana set down, YOU are really not effectively cultivating at all!

Do you remember GM Lu saying that he asked some reverends about cultivation schedules, and some replied that they don't cultivate daily or at all, and even didn't chant Guru's mantra as well?

Well, other than reverends, many fellow students also don't cultivate daily!

The general consensus is to get GM Lu's personal help whenever life is unsatisfactory!
This is not the Mindset of a sincere cultivator and one claiming to be a student of Buddha.

Find some time and sit down to think on what you plan to do with your life and how you are going to REDEEM you past wrongs or sins!

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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