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摸顶-讲真相!Moding - Revealing the Truth!


In the above speech, GM Lu revealed the Truth about "Moding" !

Todate, how many masters had bluffed you and cheat you of $$ for these "Moding" services?

[17:47, 4/11/2018] AA: Wishing you a happy, healthy and at-ease life

PP: hehe! aren't I at ease enough? have you seen any fashi like me that enjoy life so much?

AA: Hahaha yes hor

PP: lots of ppl said I don't do anything!
: the thing is - I do what they also can't see!
AA: Yes indeed
: Better this way so you can play play with their mindset 😂

PP: well shizun explained the mechanics of moding thoroughly last week, and most don't know & believed the VMs have ability to give them the energy transfer

AA: The changed the quantum mechanism in them into something worse or simply played wayang 😅

PP: ya. I remember lian lai was very unhappy that I didn't go forward for moding after his event, and he said sarcastically that if you think you cultivated well n don't need blessing, then up to you loudly for all to hear! Hehe! Even Lian D fashi went to line up to get his so called blessing!!!
: And after events, I also didn't go get the so called blessing or abhiseka from any VMs. I stayed away and didn't join the others. I remember fire use the buddha duster n stood on stage waving it around to give the abhiseka or blessing. All the fashi present went down the stage to walk through. I was the only one still standing to a side on stage n didn't go join the crowd passing by fire waving form of abhiseka!

: From very early on. I was informed that abhiseka by VMs are of lower levels than Root guru. if you get from root guru then let others give you the same abhiseka, you actually lost that given by root guru!

: AND most important, they all have lousy auras & I am sure instead of giving good energy transfers, they are likely to draw from others with higher energy levels than them! Thats the law of equilibrium - to finally arrive at a balance!

: I remember writing these views into blog as well! Most think I talk rubbish to defame VMs! Hahaha!

: LP is a good example. before I even touch her, she collapsed.
: the spirits inside her scared that I force them out of her!

: Mysterious or Secretive Tantrayana indeed! Hahaha!

AA: Haaaa? He said it loudly? Wowww, really problematic!
: Yes hor
: i remember one puja in 2010 or something just before i knew you
: mister marlon led the vajrasattva fire puja in jakarta

PP: it was pretty obvious that he can't stand me!

AA: my friend, now a blue collar from semarang went to get the abhiseka from him
: i sat on one side and didn't go for his abhiseka, my friend then asked why, i told him i only need from the root guru
: amitabha

PP: I attended one of his event b4 going to seattle in 2009 to be ordained. and fire did one also b4 his, yidam is ksitigarbha

AA: lesson learned
: fire and the brothers have been conducting the 6 ksitigarbhas every year
PP: ya. too many got bluff by the Titles n the 5 buddha crowns
: ya lol. all cheats. if they so CAN, then why got so many still fall preys to XX?

AA: yep
PP: thats why when I listened to GM explaining these basics in details, I laugh! cos I said no use!

: remember I ask you all to chant mantra loudly when I want to do energy transfers? hahaha!

AA: 🙏
PP: hahaha! Focus then easy to transfer energy lol

AA: 🙏
PP: you all actually helped those I "cleanse".

AA: the science behind the spirit that attaches to a living being is quite mysterious
: boundary protection prevents them from attaching, but once they attach it seems to be quite difficult to get rid of, especially if there is karmic relation behind the occurrence

PP: from Sam's exploits, spirits get attached bcos ppl believe those like Sam & even invite or happily accept the spirits as their masters
: all stems from greed & ignorance

AA: yes
PP: why don't believe me n save themselves?

AA: again, greed and ignorance, very true when pondered upon

PP: so from as early as 2009, I have been staying away from the VMs' kind of blessing or moding!
: I believe GM knows best

AA: 🙏
PP: i wrote so many times : GM knows best! this one also most don't understand why
: actually chanting loudly sort of build a boundary around all of us, with only GM's energy as the shield. this way easy to do energy transfers, as the good energy is all around

AA: yes i believe so
: like the sound from the bell
PP: remember the photos with lots of orbs when I was helping those like EM & LP?

AA: the wave energy spread all around, reaching as far as the sound travels
: yes

PP: hehe!
: I don't have power but GM has plenty!
: the trick is learning how to draw and use them!!!

: still need 9 cycle breathing as key to draw

: as most didn't master this technique, so can't draw any energy and of course can't transfer lol

AA: it becomes very important after listening to last week's sermon
: dirty qi deters the yidam
PP: ya. like lian Y fashi, she smells foul n claims she is how accurate in fortune telling n fengshui! how can any yidam grace her altar or yoga with her
AA: i also won't believe this kind of thing
: so weird

PP: at least after my coaching, she bathe n changes to newly washed clothing more often

AA: glad to hear that, at least she listens to you and take care of herself more properly
PP: but she also went over to #2's side following the Fat star

AA: 😄

PP: the delisting actually sorted out the insincere ppl around me!
 so #2's jealousy actually helped to clear the ignorants around me! Hehe!

AA: yeppp

PP: thats why the delisting actually showed ning in a very poor light n confirmed how ignorant he is & most that listened to him as well

Moding as per GM Lu is a transfer of Positive Qi energy from Divinity through HIM to the recipient, resulting in a regrouping or reorganisation or restructuring of the subject's inner energy Quantum!

This results in clearing stagnants and blocks in subject's insides! 

I heard from fellow students that the going rate for Moding services from VMs is a minimum of SGD 100 per service, that was back in 2008! 

My humble suggestion is to donate to Charity in GM Lu's name and steer clear of VMs out to reap $$ from you! 

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  • My humble advice: If you need any blessing or empowerment transmission, be patient, request from your own Root Guru and chant his mantra. If you have True Affinity with that particular Yidam, you will get the relevant from your Root Guru legitimately.

    Let me play the “bad guy” now.
    How many of you that rushed for empowerment truly followed Root Guru’s instruction to Visualize; Form Mudra and Chant Mantra?
    Therefore whether it is some masters or even Guru himself, you don’t get the proper transmission at all!
    • 摸顶 Mo-ding?
    • Read Stealing Universal Assets & Selling Universal Assets from our blogs? :)
      Mo-ding? If the person attempting to do so without Universal authority, he/she may be drawing Positive energy from you to balance their own negative ones, when they practice dark arts!

      Yes! People who practice Dark Arts are domineering and ruthless and mean and violent.
      Their eyes often huge and gives you the creeps too!
      Trust your 6th sense and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!
      Hahaha! No kidding!

GM Lu has been sharing the deeds of XX throughout the years during his dharma speeches.
AND, I have been sharing lots of "Warnings" or Cautions to BEWARE of Dark Arts Practitioners!

Isn't it obvious that other than GM Lu, NON in TBS' Admin and those VM-titled Personnels can truly or sincerely and Effectively gives you Blessings or Abhiseka!

As GM Lu used to say: Believe It Or Not, Up To You!

Only a True Yogi or One that has achieved GuruYoga can mobilises Qi energy in the Universe to give you blessings and abhiseka!

Wake up!

If you don't Crave for or Desire to possess anything with the Mindset of making you More Superior than Others, you will never end up being a victim of those like XX!

[04-06-2012] Lotus Child at Play – Selling Universal Assets?

For those that claim to be able to give you blessing of auspiciousness or heal you through touching you heads or other parts of your body, do they have the Key to unlock the door to Universal Treasures?

Most titled masters are out to get rich quick by giving blessing this way though.
It seems that they are trying to sell Universal assets in which they have no access to and no rights to too, agree?

When One draws from the universal pool, one needs to give something in exchange to keep the Universal balance.

Have the master accumulated enough relevant merits or points to exchange for what he/she is trying to draw upon from the Universe?

Realised that [I warned you all of pitfalls or traps from errant or fake masters?]

Keeping Quiet and watch you all roll in sentient mud is what you all forced upon me all these years! 

Yes! GM Lu gave me [静观其变] as a topic to ponder upon years ago. That was regarding the ilovegm forum's debut! 

Thats why I stress that Pure Karma welcomes only those that are sincere and willing to be diligent in cultivation! 

With Metta

Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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