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Completely Lost Voice by Living Buddha Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng Yan

Terjemahan Indonesia: Sama Sekali Kehilangan Suara, sebuah artikel Buddha Hidup Lian Sheng, Lu Sheng Yan
Chinese version: 完全失去聲音 文/聖尊蓮生活佛盧勝彥
Original Source: 完全失去聲音 文/蓮生活佛  盧勝彥, T291【記者李桂馨台北報導】
Summary translated to English by Lama Lotuschef

Guru said that one morning upon waking, he found that his mouth is unusual and he couldn’t utter any sound.

Attempting to roll his tongue also couldn’t make any sound, because the tongue also immobilised, and the throat had a feeling of being stuffed fully.

Getting anxious but to no avail.

Attempted to invoke Buddhas & Boddhisattvas, however personal yidam as if was sleeping and did not respond to invocation.

At this time, a guest came from the Unviersal Void, 3 headed and with 6 Arms, fierce looking, both canine teeth exposed, blue color body, eyes were all over the top and bottom of his body, he said he was [大幻金剛 – Great Illusion vajra] and also [通眼金剛 – Communicating Eye Vajra].

Guru attempted to talk but didn’t have sound.

This Vajra signaled to Guru not to open his mouth, then stretched out one hand and led Guru to take flight.

Arriving at a place, entering a dwelling, Guru saw a Priest in the process of a ritual:
  1. He made a straw puppet.
  2. The mouth of the straw puppet was stuffed with full of incense ashes.
  3. The altar in his house had offering to many Thailand small tongzi (ghostly fetus spirit).
  4. He lighted incense, calling out Guru’s name and bio-data.
  5. He chanted:
    天靈靈。Sky be effective.
    地靈靈。Earth be effective.
    塞我口。Block my mouth.
    音失靈。Voice lost effectiveness.
  6. He killed a hen, dipped blood over Guru’s head, ears, nose, eyes, mouth, and also used the blood for offering to the Thailand ghostly fetus spirit.

Guru finally realised, it was bad already! It’s the Black Magic master casting a spell on Guru, preventing Guru from ascending onto the Dharma Throne to expound Dharma.

Guru attempted to remove the straw puppet. However, the Vajra signaled no need to do so, and he followed by flying off with Guru back home.

This trip only took 5 minutes, just to let Guru knows there Truly was Black Magic master, using incense ashes to stuff his mouth fully and transformed him into a True Mute.

As the Vajra set Guru down, he said:

[Lian Sheng, I came expressly to save you. At this time you need to have a stable and focused mindset, visualise your body is Void, make elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, all disintegrate, transform self into Shining Void, your heart stays in peaceful comfort of executing at will.

Lian Sheng, there is not doubt that this is the Right method, [身觀念處 – Body observing thought’s location] is Void body, this is higher cultivation practice and diligence, when Self becomes Big Illusion, the incense stuffed into mouth has no Real Form to lean and stay, it naturally disperses.

At this time, you transform back from Illusion to your existing body, you can now expel air and emit sound.]

Upon hearing these, Guru comprehended.

Normally this 4 big disintegrating method, he does nightly before sleep.

Returning Big Earth into Big Water; Big Water into Big Fire, Big Fire into Big Wind, Big Wind into Big Void, Big Void stays in Brightness. This is (眠光法)Brightness sleep method.

Therefore he went into Meditation:
Employing the 4 Big Disintegrating Method.
Letting the Heart reside in Brightness.
Letting Method return to No Method.
Letting Nature return to Buddha Nature.

In this way, the little black magic master’s [Incense stuff and block mouth] was not effective any more and all incense dispersed.

At this time, Guru returned to reality of the present world, opened his mouth and laughed merrily, [Ha! Ha! Ha!]

The Vajra said: [It is your personal yidam requesting me to come help you.]


Om Guru Lian Sheng Siddhi Hom
Lama Lotuschef

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